Can an LLC Invest in Gold?

Gold has long been recognized as an effective hedge against inflation, offering investors an effective option in times of market instability.

Individuals looking to invest in gold can do so within their self-directed retirement accounts (IRA). This option provides tax savings as gains made on such gold investments are taxed like any other capital gains.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is a legal concept designed to safeguard both personal and business assets from creditors or the government. This often requires creating legal structures like limited liability companies, family limited partnerships and trusts as a shield from creditors or the government, offshore bank accounts or tenancy by the entirety. Planning asset protection strategies requires in-depth knowledge of federal and state exemption laws, bankruptcy statutes (including double taxation), choice of law principles as well as laws surrounding trusts estates and corporations.

Establish an asset protection plan before your creditors file judgment or claim against you, since doing so post-facto may be illegal and unethical – in addition to potentially being held liable in certain situations – fraudulent transfers could also incur legal liability. It’s wise to consult a financial planner who specializes in asset protection strategies; SmartAsset can connect you with qualified advisors serving your area that can assist in creating an effective asset protection strategy.


One reason an LLC is an attractive choice for business purposes is that it provides protection from creditors. A business owner can create this barrier by not using personal loans to finance an LLC and keeping sensitive assets such as real estate and cars under company ownership so they cannot be sold, transferred, or used as collateral against debt payments. However, in cases of fraudulent behavior or negligence in running the LLC, creditors may gain access to owners’ personal assets by piercing the corporate veil and seizing personal accounts belonging to individuals within it.


Although other investments can fluctuate over time, gold remains stable over time and maintains its values – an excellent long-term option or for those planning their retirement by funding a gold IRA.

As opposed to investments like real estate or stocks, physical gold does not accrue capital gains taxes when sold. If its value increases and it is sold, however, any profits must be reported under corporation tax rules and paid as corporate income tax by any business that sells the precious metal.

Contractors looking to invest in physical gold can purchase coins and bars online from reputable coin dealers, or via broker purchases of shares in gold mining companies and exchange-traded funds. Trading these assets requires no specialised knowledge, while profits generated via flow through tax vehicles will be taxed at lower rates than regular capital gains rates, significantly increasing after-tax returns.

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