Is a Precious Metal IRA a Good Idea?

Even though precious metal IRAs offer certain advantages, investors should carefully assess all associated risks before investing. Most importantly, investors must locate a trusted dealer, custodian and depository that adheres to IRS rules.

Gold can provide financial protection and diversification to your retirement portfolio, so read on to gain more knowledge of its advantages and risks.

Inflation hedge

Gold has historically served as an effective hedge against inflation, rising during periods of rising prices while its price decreases during times of deflation. Furthermore, as it’s an asset that will continue growing over the decades to come.

A precious metals IRA can hold physical gold coins and bullion, in addition to other precious metals like silver and platinum. Some providers provide self-storage options known as Checkbook Control IRA, LLC IRA or Home Storage IRA – however Midas advises against these structures as they expose account holders to potential IRS penalties for violating rules on storage locations.

Inflation can devastate your investments’ purchasing power over time, even if they produce reasonable rates of return. That is why diversifying with inflation-hedged assets – such as gold, commodities, real estate investments or TIPS bonds.


Add gold to your retirement portfolio as a unique way to diversify investment assets. However, before allocating too much of your retirement savings in physical precious metals (some experts suggest no more than 10% per IRA), always consult with a financial advisor first.

A precious metals IRA is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) designed to hold physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins or bullion that meets IRS purity standards. Such accounts can be established as traditional or Roth IRAs; SEP or SIMPLE IRAs; rollover IRAs are all possibilities depending on their purpose and desired tax treatment.

Financial professionals owe clients fiduciary duties. However, precious metals dealers typically act more like salespeople; their recommendations could be driven by commissions and profits rather than your best interest. It is therefore crucial that you choose a reputable dealer with extensive knowledge in working with IRAs as this will ensure compliance with government guidelines.

Tax-free withdrawals

Gold IRAs can provide an effective means of diversifying your retirement portfolio and protecting against inflation, but may not offer as high of returns compared with more conventional stocks and bonds. Therefore, before investing in precious metals it’s essential that you consider both your retirement needs and risk tolerance before making this investment decision.

An IRA-approved gold dealer can assist in opening your precious metals IRA. As these businesses must abide by IRS rules on storage and purity, it’s crucial that you select one with a proven track record in this area. Furthermore, these dealers should offer competitive pricing as well as impartial customer education services.

If you own a traditional IRA, funding a precious metals IRA by rolling funds over from your 401(k), 403(b), 457 or Thrift Savings Plan account could be possible. Withdrawals made before age 59 12 may incur a 10% early withdrawal penalty with exceptions made for medical expenses and first-time home purchases.


A precious metals IRA is an individual retirement account that holds physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The IRS allows IRA holders to purchase approved precious metals through various traditional, Roth, SEP SIMPLE or rollover IRA accounts. While investing in precious metals IRAs may not offer high returns for investors seeking high returns, they do offer diversification and protection against inflation.

Precious metals IRAs must abide by the same regulations as any retirement account. Investors must use a qualified precious metals IRA custodian such as a bank, federally insured credit union, savings and loan association or another organization approved by the IRS to act as trustee or custodian.

As with any business decision, research the dealer or custodian you intend to work with carefully before making your choice. Check their reputation, longevity, BBB rating and membership in reputable industry organizations; in addition to fees and commissions.

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