American Buffalo Gold Coin

Introduced by the United States Mint in 2006, the Gold American Buffalo is one of the newest bullion coins from their portfolio. Measuring 1 oz and made from 24-karat gold, its design emulates that of James Earle Fraser’s Buffalo Nickel from 1913 until 1938.

The Gold American Buffalo is an attractive coin option to add to any precious metals portfolio or coin collection, but how much is its value?


American Buffalo gold coins have quickly become one of the world’s most beloved bullion coins since they first made their debut in 2006. Hailed for their purity, design, and symbolic meaning – first released for purchase in 2006 as rare 24-karat coins with an official face value of $50 USD from their US government backing – these coveted bullion pieces remain highly desirable today.

Minted at West Point by the prestigious United States Mint, these rare coins bear two iconic images that define North America: an American Bison and Native American Indian. Not just decorative flourishes; these distinctive images ensure global recognition and liquidity of each coin produced.

James Earle Fraser depicted a right-facing portrait of a Native American from Three Tribes on its obverse side – Two Moons (Cheyenne), Big Tree (Kiowa), and Iron Tail (Oglala Lakota). These coins not only hold great historical and cultural value, but are legal tender in the US providing another level of security.


American Buffalo Gold coins are an increasingly popular choice among both collectors and investors, drawing in both collectors who collect such pieces, as well as investors who invest in them. Each one-ounce coin contains 24-karat gold, with both burnished and proof varieties being offered; proof specimens come sonically sealed within tamper-proof holders to enhance both beauty and value.

The coin’s reverse features an image of an American bison standing on a mound of dirt modeled after Black Diamond who resided at New York City’s Central Park Zoo during the early 1900s. Meanwhile, James Earle Fraser designed its obverse featuring his iconic Indian Head motif based upon features taken from various Native American chiefs who posed for him.

The primary distinction between the nickel and gold versions of this coin lies in that its reverse features have been altered: on the nickel version, its Mound area contains FIVE CENTS but in gold versions this phrase has been changed to $50 1 OZ.9999 FINE GOLD; E PLURIBUS UNUM and IN GOD WE TRUST remain unaltered.


The American Buffalo Gold coin has become increasingly popular with collectors and investors due to its 24k purity. The design recalls James Earle Fraser’s Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel design from 1913 which was widely popular during that era.

These coins were first released for circulation in 2006 and come both in bullion and proof finishes, each carrying a $50 face value and composed of one troy ounce of 999.99 fine gold.

Proof coins feature a limited mintage that makes them highly collectible and desirable. Along with having high-quality finishes and more intricate designs than regular coins, proof coins also possess a special charm that attracts collectors and enthusiasts.

Investors can purchase American Buffalo Gold coins online through various dealers such as APMEX and BGASC, which provide competitive prices with superior customer service, free shipping options and other benefits to their customers.


Since 2006, when it first debuted as 24k bullion coin, the American Buffalo Gold Coin has proven one of the most sought-after investments among collectors and investors alike. Due to its high purity and classic design, collectors and investors alike frequently purchase this investment piece as they make for an excellent collection piece as well.

James Earle Fraser’s iconic Indian Head design can be found on the obverse side of this coin, featuring three of his Chieftains who were asked to pose as models while he sketched them. Furthermore, its inscription “LIBERTY” and year of mintage can also be seen here.

The reverse side of an American Buffalo Gold coin displays a full-length left profile of an American Bison that may have been inspired by Black Diamond from New York City’s Central Park Zoo in the early 1900s. Also printed here are its face value, weight, millesimal fineness, millesimal fineness content and millesimal fineness content as well as gold content content – which may mislead consumers into thinking it is collectible or numismatic coin due to its high purity; instead it’s strictly bullion piece which derive their value from pure gold content rather than collectible coinage or collectable coins with such high purity content that may confuse buyers into thinking it is collectible or numismatic piece and only gains value from pure gold content content within.

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