Best Bitcoin and Ethereum IRA Companies to Invest With


Cryptocurrency IRAs are fast becoming popular and common as retirement investment vehicles. Bitcoin and Ethereum IRA accounts are great options for those seeking alternative retirement investment opportunities. This is true whether you want to rollover an existing IRA account or to start afresh with a new cryptocurrency IRA account. However, it’s important to choose the right cryptocurrency IRA investment company.

Retirement savings are not something that should be treated with frivolity and time should be spent selecting an IRA company that will promote and rally for your best interests. This means choosing a company that has a strong reputation with a proven track record of success and one that has received rave reviews from past and current customers.

Online rating agencies such as BCA, Better Business Bureau and TrustLink are all relatively reliable sources of real customer reviews. In addition, the cryptocurrency IRA company that you choose should be able to work closely with you to address all your concerns and to properly handle any issues that pertain to satisfying the requirements of the IRS. Based on our research, we believe that 3 of the best cryptocurrency IRA companies to invest with are Broad Financial, Regal Assets and BitcoinIRA.

Advantages of Cryptocurrencies as Investment Vehicles

Before we dive straight into discussing the best cryptocurrency IRA companies to invest with, it is important for you to know and appreciate why cryptocurrencies may prove to be excellent retirement investment options.

Some of the advantages of cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles are their divisibility, counterfeit-resistance, limited supply and their design democracy. These coins can neither be copied nor counterfeited like fiat currencies. The authenticity of bitcoins can also be verified in very short periods of time – in some cases in only a few seconds. Even gold takes a much longer time to verify its authenticity since it must be physically melted and tested. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins are very secure because without access to your private keys, it is virtually impossible for anyone to gain access to your account. Investors can therefore rest assured that their investments are safe and secure and not prone to theft and other forms of misappropriation.

Even though cryptocurrencies are relatively secure as long as the private keys are kept private, they are bearer instruments that assign ownership to whoever it is that is the bearer. This means that if your private keys happen to fall into the wrong hands, that person becomes the bearer and he/she is able to withdraw or spend your cryptocurrencies since they are now the bearers. In order to prevent this from happening, cryptocurrencies may be stored by a custodian. A custodian is a company that acts as the bearer of the instruments in much the same way that a bank holds and secures cash inside vaults. The best cryptocurrency IRA companies all use custodians to protect the security of their customers’ cryptocurrency accounts. These custodians are able to safely and electronically transfer cryptocurrencies on customers’ behalf.

Cryptocurrency Security

Nevertheless, it is possible for electronic and online systems to be hacked. It is therefore very important that customers take the time to carefully choose reputable and trusted IRA companies to work with. It is advisable that customers insist that their investments be fully insured if this option is offered by the IRA company. If insurance is not offered, it is advisable to secure third party insurance to protect your investments in case of hacking or other security breach.

Cryptocurrencies are completely digital and not subject to government regulation like fiat currencies such as cash. Even though they are digital, some companies issue what are known as tokens that represent the cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, these tokens have no inherent value. Cryptocurrencies obtain their value exclusively as a result of market forces.

Many believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of the financial markets. Several governments and large financial institutions have begun to invest in or to otherwise transact business using cryptocurrencies. Because the supply of fiat currencies and their value can largely be manipulated by the Central banks and through monetary policies, they are inherently vulnerable to interference. This is unlike cryptocurrencies in which there are no middlemen involved. This has attracted the attention of many investors who are seeking to gain more control over their financial investments. Nevertheless, it must be noted that, as with every type of investment, there are risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency IRAs are a relatively new form of alternative retirement investment that has attracted the attention of the less conservative investor. It is advisable that anyone seeking to invest in cryptocurrencies do so under the advice of a skilled and experienced financial advisor. Also, remember that diversification is key with any sound investment portfolio.

In terms of investment strategy, it is always good to buy low and to sell high. But it may be difficult to predict in which way the market will go as the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. You best bet is to partner with a company that has a strong, proven track record of success and a company that can help guide you to make the best investment decisions.

Best Bitcoin IRA Companies in May 2024:



BitcoinIRA is a US-based company that caters solely to US customers. Therefore, if you live outside of the United States, you will not be able to open a Bitcoin IRA account with this organization. BitcoinIRA has been around since the year 2016 and is thought to be the very first established bitcoin IRA company. The company is fast becoming an industry leader regardless of its short period of existence. Apart from offering investment in bitcoins, the company also offers IRA accounts denominated in other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, as well as Litecoin. This gives investors a wide range of IRA options to choose from.

BitcoinIRA offers an investment program that is designed to “move your retirement funds with no investment caps.” Unlike some other cryptocurrency IRA companies, BitcoinIRA focuses solely on cryptocurrencies and does not deal in any other type of financial asset. The benefit or advantage of this is that the company has gained valuable expertise and experience in dealing with cryptocurrencies and can therefore offer the highest level of expertise and service to cryptocurrency IRA customers. When the company originally opened, they offered only bitcoin IRAs. However, as customers began to demand other cryptocurrency denominated IRAs, the company promptly responded by adding Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. This demonstrates the company’s desire to please its customers and to offer real solutions and opportunities to those with whom business is conducted.

The administrators of BitcoinIRA believe that cryptocurrencies have the unique ability to offer above average speculative price increases when compared to other investment assets such as gold. In other words, the company believes that cryptocurrencies are the perfect hedge to the US dollar and are therefore appropriate as retirement investment vehicles.

To prevent and to deter the incidence of hacking, BitcoinIRA, has partnered with BitGo to offer the highest level of security. BitGo offers safe and secure storage of all investor funds. They use multi-signature technology as well as key recovery solutions to ensure the highest level of digital security available.

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) has assigned a rating of “AA” to BitcoinIRA. This rating is based on several different factors including background information, complaint history, the type of business, the length of time in business, licensing information, government actions, as well as advertising reviews.

BitcoinIRA’s Chief Strategist is former Director of the United States Mint, Ed Moy. Mr. Moy expertly helped to supervise financial operations at the US mint during the 2008 to 2010 worldwide economic crisis.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets, also known as Regal Wallets is a cryptocurrency IRA company that caters to international investors and customers. Its offices are based in the United States, Canada and Dubai. The company was accredited in the year 2009 and supports all major cryptocurrencies. This gives customers and investors a wide product choice. One of the most unique features offered by Regal Assets is its cold storage option. This option offers a very high level of security. The business also offers offline wallet options for investors or customers who may prefer that option.

When it comes to trust, Regal Assets ranks way up there among the top cryptocurrency IRA companies. TrustLink has assigned a 5-star rating to Regal Assets based on the reviews of over 1000 customers. Investors and customers have indicated their vote of confidence in the operation of the business and highly recommend it to potential investors.

The Better Business Bureau has assigned an A+ rating to Regal Assets. However, this rating is based on only a few customer reviews. The BCA has assigned Regal Assets with an AAA rating.

Regal Assets specializes in self-directed IRAs and is among the top companies that offer this service. The company offers both gold IRAs as well as cryptocurrency IRAs. Even though the company wasn’t accredited until 2009, the business has been in operation from the year 2003, making it a highly experienced organization. Their length of operation in the IRA space, make them a strong force to contend with in the alternative finance market. The company’s Account Executives are highly trained and skilled in dealing with IRA investments.

Currently, Regal Assets ranks at #20 on the INC 500, placing it among the top companies in the United States of America. The company has been featured in popular publications such as Forbes magazine, Smart Money, Market Watch, Bloomberg, Business Week, The Street, as well as Reuters.

Regal Assets stands out from its competitors when it comes to educating both existing as well as potential customers. They offer a free cryptocurrency IRA guide to all new investors and customers along with a free DVD from Forbes magazine on “The Rise of Bitcoin.” The guide offers investors information about the fees and costs associated with cryptocurrency investments, reasons why large organizations and even governments are investing in cryptocurrencies, expert price predictions made by cryptocurrency experts and financial advisors, as well as the virtues of gold and Ethereum.

The founder and CEO of Regal Assets is Tyler Gallagher. Gallagher is a Canadian who has lots of expertise and experience in the cryptocurrency and alternative investments markets. He has a passion for educating others on how to make the most of their investments and he has written and published several articles on these topics. He also produces videos and blogs covering investment in cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

Want to get started as a cryptocurrency IRA investor right away? Regal Assets is the company to work with. You can have your account up and running in as little as 24 hours! This gives the company an edge over the competition when it comes to speed of process.

Invest Safely and Securely with Cold Storage and Offline Wallets

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your cryptocurrency investments, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you work with Regal Assets. The company offers cold storage options which make your investment virtually impossible for hackers to access. Cold storage involves the storing of bitcoins in a physical location that is offline. This renders your bitcoins safe from viruses and hackers and prevents investment losses due to theft or misappropriation. With Regal Assets, your investments are fully insured.

Regal Assets should definitely be among your top choices for cryptocurrency IRA investment.

Broad Financial

Broad Financial is located in the United States of America and caters only to US-based investors. Broad Financial distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering low flat setup fees, no minimum investment, and a wide range of cryptocurrency IRA investment options. The company is not a broker, but rather a facilitator that allows you to legally take part in the cryptocurrency exchange market. You have the flexibility of deciding which exchange you will use or whether you will use an exchange at all. In addition, investors have the choice of investing their gains in other assets as they see fit.

The product that Broad Financial has created for IRA investors is called the “Ultimate Self Directed IRA.” With this product, investors have direct control over their investments, without the need for a traditional custodian. This reduces counterparty risks and gives investors greater control over their investments. To get started with Broad Financial, you will be charged a flat fee of $1,395. This fee will cover all your costs and is quite attractive compare to the average 15% of purchase (minimum purchase of $2,250) usually charged by the company’s competitors. In contrast to its competitors, Broad Financial allows investors to hold their own keys and the company works with an integrated custodian rather than a third-party custodian. The company charges no penalties to roll over retirement funds and allows investors to choose the exchange that they want to work with. All investments are tax-sheltered and there are Roth options available.

If you are an investor who likes to invest with a company that has a strong leadership team, then Broad Financial is worthy of consideration. The company is headed by its 3 partners, Brian Finkelstein, Mervyn Klein, and Daniel Gleich. Finkelstein has over 25 years of experience working as a leader in financial services and has served at Helix Financial as CEO and President, as well as UBS as the Managing Director of Global Finance Operations. Klein is renown for his excellent entrepreneurial endeavors and his financial prowess. He has been involved in the founding of Hudson Development LLC, and has been a Consultant to MK Read and Company. Gleich began his entrepreneurial undertakings from as early as his high school years when he started a company called CreditLine. This company was involved in helping persons to repair damaged credit. Gleich was also involved in the startup of Time Equipment Corporation. Together with Klein, Gleich formed Hudson Development LLC in the year 1997. That business was involved in commercial real estate as well as industrial real estate.

In terms of customer reviews and ratings, Broad Financial has a fairly good reputation. The company has been assigned an AAA rating by the BCA, and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. To date, the company has not acquired any reviews or ratings on TruskLink.



Cryptocurrency IRAs are fast becoming viable and attracted investment options. Three (3) of the top cryptocurrency IRA investment companies are BitcoinIRA, Regal Assets (also known as Regal Wallet), and Broad Financial. These companies all have a strong track record of success and have been rated highly by reputable rating agencies such as the Better Business Bureau, BCA, and TrustLink. Strong in safety and security, you can rest assured that your investments are in good hands when you partner with any one of these strong companies. If you want to be a part of this potentially viable trend, give these companies a call and get started right away. Remember that time is money! Happy investing.




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