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How much is American Buffalo Gold coin worth

Gold Buffalo coins are an attractive investment option due to their 99.99% pure gold bullion content and affordable pricing; however, these investments largely depend on current gold spot price and any premiums charged by dealers.

The coin’s reverse features a full-body left profile of Black Diamond, the bison who resided at New York City’s Central Park Zoo, while its obverse displays a Native American portrait by James Earle Fraser.


The American Buffalo Gold coin is one of the most renowned 24k bullion coins produced by the United States Mint, first released in 2006. Designed by James Earle Fraser for 1913’s Buffalo Nickel coin, this 1 oz bullion piece boasts the highest gold content among US government issued coins.

Coins bearing a face value of $50 may actually be worth much more due to their high purity levels, drawing in dealers willing to buy back the coins at a premium.

Proof and uncirculated versions are both available of these coins, each offering their own distinct aesthetic appeal. Proof versions feature multiple strikes of precision-strike coinmaking technology and boast an eye-catching deep mirror finish; on the other hand, uncirculated coins feature more matte appearance with year of mintage prominently displayed at top left corner of coin.


The American Buffalo Gold coin is one of the world’s most precious bullion coins, featuring a stunning 24-karat gold design that makes it one of the world’s most valuable bullion coins. On one side is an image depicting three Native Americans believed to be composite portraits from various tribe chiefs as a tribute to our rich cultural heritage and on the other is an impressive image of an American bison, once nearly hunted to extinction and now representing strength and resilience.

The American Buffalo Gold coin’s face value of $50 can be found printed on its obverse, along with weight, fineness and purity information. Furthermore, two inscriptions mark it as legal tender with backing from the United States government; furthermore its limited mintage contributes to its exclusivity and long-term appreciation potential, making this investment popular with investors.


The American Buffalo Gold coin features a stunning design that pays homage to Native American heritage and bison conservation. On its obverse is depicted a right-facing portrait of a Native American chief; James Earle Fraser created this profile based on a composite facial feature taken from several early 20th-century Native Americans such as Chief Big Tree from Kiowa tribe, Iron Tail from Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe and Two Moons from Cheyenne tribe – these images include Chief Big Tree from Kiowa tribe Chief Big Tree Iron Tail Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe and Two Moons from Cheyenne tribe respectively – while two Moons from Cheyenne tribe are included as well. Above this coin are “LIBERTY” along with year of minting inscribed above this design.

This coin depicts Black Diamond, an iconic bison who resided at New York City’s Central Park Zoo and can be seen both Proof and Uncirculated versions. Proof coins feature meticulously polished dies for striking, creating intricate detail. Uncirculated coins preserve their original luster for an appealing matte surface finish.

Gold Buffalo coins are an attractive investment option due to their purity, exquisite designs, and lasting value. Gold also presents opportunities for portfolio diversification: with its low correlation with other investments it serves as a great hedge against inflation while decreasing risk.


American Buffalo Gold coins have quickly become one of the most beloved 24k bullion products offered by the United States Mint, due to their high purity.9999 gold content and near-exact reproduction of classic coin designs that makes them immensely appealing to collectors and numismatists. Due to high demand, these coins often sell at premiums above gold spot price; some dealers even offer buy back rates above 90% on these coins!

These gold coins feature the classic design by James Earle Fraser, the artist responsible for the iconic Buffalo Nickel issued from 1913-1938. On its obverse is a right-profile shot of an indigenous chief made up of features drawn from three tribes’ heads – Iron Tail of Lakota Sioux tribe, Two Moons from Cheyenne tribe and Chief Big Tree from Kiowa tribes – composed together into an image.

The reverse side of this coin features a full-body left profile of an American bison, inspired by Black Diamond, the resident buffalo at New York’s Central Park Zoo. Also featured on its front side are the words LIBERTY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and E PLURIBUS UNUM.

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