American Buffalo Gold Coin

American Buffalo Gold coins are one of the world’s most beloved 24k bullion coins, boasting classic design elements with high precious metal content and legal tender status from the United States government.

The coin’s obverse depicts James Earle Fraser’s iconic Indian Head Nickel design, while its reverse depicts a full-body left profile of an impressive American Bison modeled after Black Diamond, who lived at New York City’s Central Park Zoo during its opening decades.

Legal Tender

Gold has long been prized as an ornament and form of currency, and American Buffalo Gold Coins are valued based on both their bullion content and spot price, plus any premium charged by dealers.

The American Buffalo Gold coin is the inaugural 24-karat bullion coin produced by the United States Mint since Congress authorized production through the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, featuring a design reminiscent of James Earle Fraser’s 1913-38 Indian Head (or “Buffalo Nickel”) coin in circulation during that timeframe.

This one-ounce coin has a face value of $50 but typically sells for much more due to its high gold content and collectability. Certified by either NGC or PCGS and sonically sealed into protective holders to prevent accidental damage, these protected coins qualify for inclusion into Gold IRAs and the US Mint guarantees both content and purity of each one-ounce coin.

Limited Mintage

American Buffalo Gold coins are valued for their beauty and rarity, yet their true worth lies in the bullion they contain. Each coin’s price reflects both current gold spot price plus any premium charged by dealers.

These 1 troy ounce gold coins represent the first 99.999 pure 24-karat bullion coins produced by the United States Mint, featuring designs by James Earle Fraser – born and raised in Winona, Minnesota – which capture life on America’s frontier before westward expansion.

Selling precious metal coins requires careful preparation to ensure a seamless and satisfying transaction. To maximize returns, follow these key tips: * Research Local Shops * Locate reliable shops that specialize in buying and selling rare and collectible coins * Present Your Coins * Accurately describe the specifics of your coins including mint year and condition * Negotiate The Price @ Final Value * Be open to negotiation while staying firm on your desired bottom-line value

High Gold Content

American Buffalo Gold coins are among the purest bullion coins on the market, making them an attractive investment opportunity for many investors. Their high purity and unique design make them particularly suitable for this investment type.

The coin’s obverse displays a striking bison image – an icon of American history and Native Americans. On its reverse is its left profile posed atop a dirt mound with information regarding face value, weight, metal content and gold content of this coin.

The United States Mint offers Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated versions of its American Buffalo Gold coin to meet different numismatic needs within a community. Proof coins feature multiple strikes using polished dies that leave intricate details visible; on the other hand, brilliant uncirculated coins have natural matte finishes which help retain their luster – both types are popular investments among collectors and investors. Grading services like NGC or PCGS may add value to American Gold Buffalo coins purchased through them.


The American Buffalo Gold coin is made of 24-karat gold, guaranteed by the United States government, making it an excellent long-term store of value. Being legal tender makes them easily sold to investors and collectors worldwide.

James Earle Fraser, an assistant to Augustus Saint-Gaudens, designed both sides of this bullion coin. On its obverse is a design depicting Native Americans from various tribes; on its reverse is an image inspired by Black Diamond a bison housed at New York’s Central Park Zoo.

Coins have quickly become a favorite among investors and collectors due to their increasing popularity; however, their high demand can attract dishonest dealers and counterfeiters. Conducting due diligence when working with dealers can help minimise risks; look out for coins graded by NGC or PCGS for example as these coins come sonically sealed in protective holders and feature verified bar-code labels which enable easy verification.

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