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How much is American Buffalo Gold coin worth

In 2006, the US Mint introduced its inaugural 24-karat gold bullion coin: 1 oz Gold American Buffalo coin featuring James Earle Fraser’s iconic design from 1913-1938 as Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel coins were.

This coin makes an excellent addition to any precious metals portfolio, as its face value of $50 makes it legal tender by the federal government.

Price per ounce

The American Buffalo Gold coin is an invaluable addition to any precious metals portfolio, thanks to its high quality, purity and timeless design. Investors and collectors alike find its low legal tender face value particularly appealing as it won’t compete with Federal Reserve Notes during circulation.

The coin’s obverse depicts the image of a Native American Indian with the phrase, “Liberty”, and date of minting printed underneath their profile. On its reverse is depicted a full body left profile image of an American bison on an elevated dirt mound with weight, purity, and content all displayed above his image.

The American Buffalo Gold coin, produced by the United States Mint and made of pure 24-karat gold, contains 1 oz and has a face value of $50 USD – it is legal tender in the US government and comes packaged in protective plastic flips; investors can find them through trusted online precious metal dealers such as JM Bullion.

Price per kilogram

Gold coins are an effective way to diversify your portfolio. Their low correlation with other assets makes them an effective hedge against market volatility and they make great collectors’ items; popular examples are American Buffalo bullion coins with distinctive designs and high purity levels.

James Earle Fraser’s iconic Indian Head design made its first appearance on America’s five-cent coin in 1913 and eventually came to be known as the Buffalo Nickel. The right-profile portrait of a Native American was inspired by Big Tree (Kiowa Tribe), Iron Tail, and Two Moons; its reverse features “$50 1 OZ.9999 FINE GOLD,” date, mint mark information.

The Gold Buffalo coin is one of the world’s most sought-after bullion coins and boasts multiple sizes to meet various demand. However, it should be kept in mind that these coins do not represent legal tender and their value depends on both gold content and premiums charged by dealers.

Price per pound

The American Buffalo Gold coin is an invaluable addition to any precious metals portfolio. As legal tender, this $50 legal tender coin backed by the US government can be found at many precious metal dealers – including JM Bullion who specialize in selling coins and bullion bars at competitive prices with excellent customer service.

The coin first hit shelves in 2006 and quickly became an instant favorite with both collectors and investors alike. These.9999-fine bullion coins contain one full troy ounce of gold and are offered both burnished and proof versions. On its reverse is a right-facing portrait of a Native American Indian designed by James Earle Fraser, a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens; his design incorporates features from three separate Native American tribe chiefs including Two Moons from Cheyenne tribe, Big Tree from Kiowa tribe and Iron Tail from Lakota Sioux tribe.

Price per kilowatt hour

The American Buffalo Gold Coin was released by the United States Mint for sale in 2006 as the first 24k,.9999 pure investment-grade bullion coin with high gold content, making it popular with investors and collectors.

James Earl Fraser designed the coin’s obverse side to feature the profile image of a Native American male, taking inspiration from three Indian chiefs from different tribes: Iron Tail from Oglala Lakota tribe; Two Moons (Cheyenne tribe) and Big Tree from Kiowa tribe.

On its reverse, this coin features a detailed depiction of its namesake – an American bison named Black Diamond that lived at New York City’s Central Park Zoo. Furthermore, there are inscriptions listing weight, gold content purity and face value alongside text that reads “United States of America” and “E Pluribus Unum.” Additionally, this coin was produced at West Point Mint in New York.

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