American Eagle Coins For Sale

American Gold Eagles have been produced since 1986 and are widely considered one of the most desirable modern bullion coins. Legal tender pieces may often fetch a premium over their stated face values when sold for purchase.

Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of gold backed by the United States government, featuring Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ breathtaking Walking Liberty design on one side and both national mottoes (E Pluribus Unum and “In God We Trust”) on the reverse.

1. They Are Legal Tender

Gold American Eagle coins for sale offer a face value that can be exchanged for goods; however, their true cost is determined by the spot gold price on commodity markets such as COMEX trading contracts; this daily rate reflects how much gold there is currently circulating in circulation.

Gold American Eagles are guaranteed by the US government and meet a millesimal fineness system (a parts-per-thousand measurement). This guarantees each coin to be 100% pure – providing investors with a secure investment they can sell worldwide.

Gold American Eagle coins come in various sizes – 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and one-tenth of an ounce (1/10 oz). Their reverse side features a mother eagle with her hatchlings perched upon an olive branch encircled by the words “In God We Trust,” “E Pluribus Unum,” as designed by Miley Busiek’s iconic designs since their launch in 1986. Collectors have long appreciated these captivating coins designed by Miley Busiek that has captured collectors’ hearts since their launch!

2. They Are Affordability

Assembling an American Eagle coin collection can add a compelling story and cultural context for your gold investment, whether by date, edition size, or size variants.

American Eagle bullion coins are among the most cost-effective means of purchasing pure gold, thanks to their 22-karat metal content that makes them more resistant to damage and marring than standard coinage circulating today, thus increasing resale value and keeping costs lower for owners of such assets.

The one-tenth ounce American Eagle coin is an extremely cost-effective investment option that’s also easier to store at home and less affected by daily market fluctuations.

Not all collectors require bullion versions, however; proof and burnished uncirculated coins offer additional variants that meet higher standards than their bullion counterparts, often commanding a premium over their bulkion counterparts. Some such coins may even be certified by CAC for added authenticity and value.

3. They Are Beautiful

American Eagle coins are widely sought-after by collectors worldwide due to their combination of investment value, historical significance and visual beauty. Collectors treasure these stunning precious metal masterpieces.

The American Eagle coins feature an obverse design inspired by Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle. It depicts Lady Liberty striding forward holding both an olive branch representing peace and a torch symbolizing freedom and enlightenment in her right hand, while on its reverse Miley Busiek designed nesting bald eagles nest.

The American Eagle series provides investors with various sizes of gold bullion coins, from one-ounce bullion coins to burnished, proof and reverse proof varieties. Each coin carries a face value of $50; however, many choose to include them in their portfolio for their numismatic and artistic value; it is also an ideal way to diversify portfolios with physical precious metal investments.

4. They Are Easy To Store

American Eagle bullion coins are one of the most sought-after bullion products on the market, taking up less storage space than fractional-size Canadian Maples and Kangaroos, being made of 22-karat gold and sold at reasonable price spreads. Plus they’re packaged conveniently into space-saving Treasury tubes compared to bulkier individual packaging typically associated with other bullion products.

American Eagle coins come in one troy ounce and half-ounce sizes; investors looking for practical investment options at various price points will find American Eagles an ideal solution. Their obverse bears a modified version of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famed Double Eagle design first seen on $20 U.S. gold coins from 1907 until 1933 is also featured.

Many investors favor gold American Eagle coins because they’re certified or graded by third-party coin grading services such as NGC and PCGS, giving them a higher buy and sell premium than bullion coins. Collectors also pursue burnished, proof and reverse proof versions as well as rare error variants offered through specialty dealers.

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