American Eagle Gold Coins

Are American Eagle gold coins a good investment

American Eagle gold coins are among the best investments available, made of US-mined gold. Not only do these coins represent an excellent means of diversification but they’re also guaranteed against inflation!

They are easily recognizable, take up minimal space, and retain their value over time. Furthermore, they are widely traded on gold markets.

They are minted with gold mined in the United States

The American Eagle gold coin is an attractive option for investors seeking to diversify their precious metals portfolio. Available in 1 ounce increments as well as fractional amounts such as 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 ounce, these coins often cost more than bars do due to government backing and recognition; additionally they may carry numismatic value that could boost their resale value further.

These coins are produced in four weights of 22-karat gold (one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce) combined with small amounts of alloy to create harder coins that resist scratching or marring. Their resale value tends to follow gold prices closely but may not experience substantial price appreciation over extended periods; nevertheless they provide valuable protection from inflation and economic uncertainty while being legal tender in the United States, making holding it in Individual Retirement Accounts tax advantageous.

They are minted in a variety of sizes

American Gold Eagles come in several different sizes beyond their classic 1oz coin: 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz coins are also available to meet various investment goals and budgets. Smaller coins carry higher premiums due to more work needed in producing them than their larger counterparts; thus it is wiser to select an appropriate coin size that satisfies both your goals and budget before selecting it as an investment strategy.

These coins are widely traded on the global gold market and highly liquid, offering security and ownership as tangible stores of wealth. They make an excellent addition to any diverse investment portfolio and are especially well suited to self-directed IRAs.

The Gold American Eagle coin is an attractive option for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals. First authorized by Congress in 1986, these bullion coins feature Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ iconic Walking Liberty on one side and an elegant eagle on the reverse, all made of 99% pure gold for your safety as an investor.

They are minted in proof and burnished

Collectors and investors often seek out the Burnished Gold American Eagle coins. Minted in limited numbers and carrying a higher premium than bullion alternatives, their perceived value lies within their metal content, historical significance and instantly recognisable design – qualities which also qualify them for inclusion into an IRA account and offer diversification potential within portfolios.

Each coin is made from one ounce of pure gold, and features the iconic front-facing portrait of Liberty designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907. She can be seen holding both a torch and olive branch, with 50 stars surrounding her figure on either side and the year engraved within its rays at the bottom right corner.

Some collectors opt to purchase Burnished American Eagles certified by an outside coin grading service such as PCGS or NGC, where experts grade them and assign near-perfect or perfect grades that add significant value to the coin.

They are minted in gold bullion

American Eagle gold coins are an easy and secure way to diversify one’s portfolio and provide peace of mind and security. Available in four sizes (1-oz, 1/2-oz, 1/4-oz and 1/10-oz), and featuring both Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated finishes; American Eagle gold coins also make an excellent addition to an IRA account.

The coin features a modified version of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ iconic Walking Liberty design, first seen on a $20 gold piece in 1907. Alongside it are its face value and gold content as well as Latin words “E Pluribus Unum” and the national motto, In God We Trust.

Miley Busiek designed the reverse side to show a family of bald eagles nestled together, designed by Miley. A male eagle soars above with branches in its talons while its female guard stands guard. Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of gold as well as copper-silver alloy to give them their correct weight.

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