American Equity Annuity Review

American Equity Investment Life Holding Co is an annuity seller. Their offerings focus on fixed index and fixed rate annuities with licenses in 50 states plus D.C.

AM Best has given AM Best Insurance Agency high marks for financial strength and BBB ratings for credit, which indicate their likelihood of meeting financial obligations.

What is an annuity?

American Equity offers an assortment of annuity plans, from fixed index annuities with the potential to build your account value while simultaneously guaranteeing income streams, to policies with options such as Lifetime Income Benefit Riders that help secure lifetime income streams.

These annuities offer tax-deferred growth, the ability to fulfill RMDs quickly and flexible withdrawal options with potentially higher returns.

An immediate annuity provides periodic payments throughout your lifetime or chosen period. At American Equity’s Single Premium Immediate Annuity, payments start no later than 12 months post contract issue and include a bonus percentage added directly to both contract value and income account value during that first year of ownership.

How does an annuity work?

American Equity is a privately owned company offering retirement annuities designed to protect principal while guarantee income. They provide immediate annuities as well as fixed annuities with guaranteed payments starting as soon as 12 months post contract issuance, along with various payout options including lifetime income or certain number of years (such as 5 or 10).

American Equity’s fixed annuities offer investors a competitive interest rate while growing their money tax-deferred. Investors should be mindful that investing in an annuity does come with some downsides; surrender charges limit how much can be withdrawn within several years after purchase, and withdrawals must typically take place before age 59 1/2 or they incur a 10% IRS tax penalty – though American Equity offers lifetime income riders on its fixed index annuities to mitigate these restrictions.

What are the pros and cons of investing in an annuity?

American Equity Investment life Insurance Company offers one of the best single-premium deferred annuity products available today – their Guarantee Series single-premium deferred annuity is an attractive solution, boasting competitive guaranteed rates over time, as well as options such as covering healthcare-related expenses or creating a lump-sum death benefit benefit.

American Equity Annuities is an American-owned and operated annuity provider licensed to sell annuities across all 50 states. Their focus on sound financial solutions and exceptional customer service sets them apart, offering tax-deferred growth with lifelong income potential from fixed index annuities or traditional annuities may suit your needs, with guarantees such as always speaking to someone live when calling their West Des Moines office during business hours – something other companies cannot guarantee!*

Do annuities offer a guaranteed income for life?

American Equity offers an impressive variety of annuity plans. Additionally, they provide numerous riders that can boost, protect or extend income for contract owners. Their Shield single premium deferred annuities offer core benefits including guaranteed income with 10% withdrawals each year at no cost and tax-deferral.

An annuity can be an excellent way to secure your retirement income, but before purchasing one it’s essential that you carefully evaluate and compare different annuities so you can get the best rate available.

American Equity Annuities is a privately owned annuity provider operating across 50 states and Washington, DC. Their fixed index annuity products boast outstanding customer service; additionally, life insurance policies are offered as part of their product suite. Since 1995 they have been located in West Des Moines Iowa offering traditional fixed annuities, fixed index annuities and immediate annuities products.

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