American Equity Annuity Review

What is American equity annuity

American Equity offers an assortment of fixed index annuities with guaranteed lifetime income and tax-deferred growth options as well as death benefit options.

Guarantee Series annuities come with numbers representing their initial interest rate period; any withdrawals prior to reaching age 59.5 will incur a 10% tax penalty.

It offers a guaranteed income for life

American Equity Investment life Insurance Company offers annuities to assist retirees in turning lump-sum payments into lifetime income streams, with guaranteed rates of growth, principal protection and tax-deferred growth features. American Equity annuities are available throughout all 50 states as well as Washington DC; their membership of state guaranty associations also helps protect your money should their business collapse.

Annuities from most companies provide a free-look period that allows you to review your contract prior to signing it; this period varies by company and state. Many annuities require surrender charges that last between 11-14 years so it is wise to research these charges carefully prior to purchasing one. Some annuities also feature lifetime income riders that guarantee you annual income throughout your lifetime at higher crediting rates than the index annuity market average – however be wary when dealing with custom or proprietary indexes which haven’t been tested in this market yet!

It offers flexible withdrawal options

An American equity annuity can help you reach your retirement goals with its guaranteed income stream and flexible withdrawal options, including taking out up to 10% of its contract value each year without incurring penalties or consistent renewal rates.

American Equity has built up an excellent reputation for customer service. Their representatives are always available to answer any of your queries, with open phone lines and multiple ways of reaching them available to them. Furthermore, American Equity offers online tools and calculators designed to aid your retirement planning process.

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company is a retirement income provider with more than 800 employees, 20,000 affiliated agents, and over half a million contract owners nationwide. Based out of the Midwest and offering fixed index annuities designed to protect principal, increase tax-deferred growth, and provide lifetime income streams, it specializes in immediate annuities that offer payouts either permanently or for specified timeframes, or single premium deferred annuities with flexible payment methods as their products of choice.

It offers a tax-deferred growth option

American Equity offers several annuities designed to provide you with a steady source of income throughout your life or a fixed period, with flexible investment and withdrawal options. Before investing, however, please seek professional advice before making a decision on an annuity purchase.

American Equity’s products encompass traditional fixed annuities and index-linked annuities, the latter offering a fixed rate of return linked to an index performance index. Furthermore, some American Equity annuities may include fees that limit overall returns.

IncomeShield 7 Fixed Index Annuity has an upper issue age limit of 80 and requires a minimum initial premium of $5,000. It comes equipped with two accounts – one earning at a set rate and the other tracking performance of certain S&P indexes – with withdraws subject to 10% penalties during their first contract year and regular income taxes.

It offers a death benefit

American Equity offers an assortment of annuity products. Their fixed index annuities feature guaranteed principal protection, tax-deferred growth and lifetime income options; as well as other competitive features and were recognized with top customer service ranking by JD Power 2022 US Individual Annuity Study. American Equity has their headquarters located in West Des Moines Iowa but are licensed to sell annuities throughout all 50 states.

American Equity offers several annuity options designed to meet your retirement goals, including their IncomeShield series with multiple allocation choices and premium bonus option. They boast an A- rating from Standard & Poor’s as evidence of financial soundness; contracts sold through independent insurance agents can be found by visiting their website.

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