American Equity Annuity

American equity annuities are a type of income annuity that provide you with a guaranteed stream of lifetime income, making them popular with consumers who are saving for retirement.

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What is an annuity?

An annuity is a savings vehicle designed to provide you with a constant source of income over the lifetime. While most annuities are used as retirement savings vehicles, you can use one at any point throughout your lifetime for income at any age. An annuity offers tax-deferred growth and death benefits while you select your payment period that best meets your needs.

American Equity Life Insurance Co is a life insurance provider that specializes in selling annuities to consumers saving for retirement. Since 1995, their approach is guided by two philosophies: outstanding customer service and product integrity. American Equity offers several fixed index annuity products such as BofA Destinations Index that offer different crediting strategies as well as extended surrender periods lasting up to 11 years.

Fixed annuities

American equity annuities are fixed-income investments designed to provide you with a steady source of retirement income. These products typically feature low withdrawal fees and can provide lifetime or guaranteed period (5-25 years) income streams.

These annuities do not fall under federally insured policies like bank accounts do, but instead fall under state insurance commissioner jurisdiction and can feature various riders to boost, protect or prolong income streams.

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company was established in 1995 and has grown into three companies employing 800 people and 20,000 agents. They specialize in offering secure annuities to retirees, boasting guaranteed minimum interest rate contracts as well as having received top scores in customer satisfaction studies conducted by J.D. Power and Associates Annuity Study 2022.

Fixed-index annuities

American Equity offers a selection of fixed-indexed annuities designed to offer tax-deferred growth with the option to convert to lifelong income at an assured rate, all while meeting IRS RMD requirements.

Our company also offers immediate annuities with single premium payments that begin within 12 months from contract issue date, providing lifetime income that can supplement a pension or social security payments.

These annuities are backed by the BofA Destinations Index, developed and owned by BofA Securities Inc. and licensed to American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company. However, BofA makes no statement as to its legality or suitability, or on accuracy and completeness of descriptions or disclosures related to its Product.

Penalty-free withdrawals

American Equity has long been providing retirees with financial security. Their fixed annuities provide principal protection and guaranteed income streams, tax-deferred growth opportunities and withdrawal options; as well as offering death benefit riders that guarantee lifelong income streams.

Their Retirement Gold annuity provides lifetime income benefits with flexible payment schedule options available over either a set period of years or for life. Furthermore, this plan permits penalty-free withdrawals on up to 10% of contract value each year after its first anniversary date.

They boast an expansive customer service team and competitively priced products. Additionally, their outstanding complaint index rating makes them one of the best options when choosing a company to partner with.

Customer service

American Equity offers a selection of retirement annuities, such as indexed annuities and variable annuities, that provide different advantages and risks when investing in retirement annuities. Consult a financial expert before investing.

This company is subject to state and federal oversight as well as membership in several guaranty associations, so policyholders’ funds are protected if it fails to fulfill contractual obligations.

American Equity offers all its products with a free look period to give customers ample opportunity to review the contract prior to making a decision. American Equity also provides an upfront surrender charges schedule which varies by plan and contract year; however, they do not provide tax or legal advice.

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