Are 1 Oz Gold Bars a Good Investment?

1 oz gold bars make an excellent addition to any investment portfolio, providing low correlation with traditional assets and helping reduce overall portfolio risk.

Durable investments provide financial security during times of economic instability. Globally recognized savings products offer portability, liquidity and the possibility to hedge against inflation.

Investing in gold

Gold has long been a prized investment asset for both novice and seasoned investors alike. Due to its special characteristics, it makes an excellent addition to any portfolio during times of economic instability – providing both an effective hedge against inflation as well as diversifying your investments with ease. 1-ounce gold bars make an excellent way to diversify investments.

Gold’s primary draw is its resilience: it serves as an economic hedge and wealth protector against political or economic turmoil around the globe. Gold also preserves wealth while increasing in value when other investments decline or fail.

Recent global financial instability and political unrest has increased demand for gold, sending its price skyward. Analysts predict that gold will outshout U.S. dollar and 10-year Treasury real yields over time.

1 oz gold bars make an ideal investment for new investors because they’re affordable, portable and easy to store – the ideal alternative to gold coins that require careful packaging and storage. Furthermore, one 1 oz bar fits comfortably in your pants pocket!

Gold bars offer investors who wish to minimize the premium they pay on investing in gold bullion an excellent option for doing so. As opposed to other precious metals, 1 oz gold bars often come with minimal designs which allows you to save on purchasing costs.

When investing in gold, always conduct thorough due diligence. Check several sources and compare pricing to ensure you’re receiving a fair deal. When selling, look for companies with an outstanding track record in customer service, quick payment and transparent business practices like Money Metals Exchange – our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as thousands of 5-star reviews from happy customers prove it!

Buying a gold bar

Individual investors or seasoned investors alike can use 1-ounce gold bars as an affordable and secure investment, ideal for both starting their physical precious metals portfolio or adding diversification and adding liquidity. Their easy liquidity, divisibility and portability provide peace-of-mind protection from economic uncertainty and inflation.

Gold bars make purchasing gold easier to store than coins due to their compact nature. You can keep your investment tucked safely away at home or even buried underneath a layer of soil if preferred, however for added peace-of-mind consider purchasing either a private vault or depository like Delaware Depository as more secure storage solutions.

When purchasing a 1-ounce gold bar, it is best to look for a reputable company with competitive pricing and prompt shipping. Avoid companies using celebrity endorsements, long shipping delays, high-pressure sales tactics or having unfavorable Better Business Bureau ratings such as Money Metals Exchange which maintains an A+ rating with the BBB and has earned thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied customers across the nation.

If you need assistance adding gold bars to your portfolio or creating an investment strategy, contact a Money Metals Exchange precious metals advisor immediately. We’re more than happy to discuss all of the available options and develop a portfolio tailored specifically to meet your investment goals. Arrange for a complimentary consultation at one of our Scottsdale locations by either calling our team directly or filling out the form on this page; our goal is helping secure financial futures through precious metals!

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