Are Gold IRAs Safe?

Gold IRAs can provide an important hedge against inflation and diversify retirement savings, but investors should be wary of any possible drawbacks to this form of investment.

As well as fees charged by dealers, custodians and depository service providers for precious-metals transactions, there are specific purity and production standards set out by the IRS that must be met before physical precious metals can be sold to dealers or depository services.


Establishing a gold IRA requires finding both an IRS-approved custodian and depository to store precious metal. A depository should be specifically designed to hold and safeguard these metals. When choosing your dealer, Mike Fuljenz of Universal Coin & Bullion recommends finding someone with excellent reviews from industry organizations like Professional Numismatists Guild or Accredited Precious Metal Dealers Association as well as licensing from your state government.

Once your account is funded, the next step should be funding it – whether through rolling over funds from an IRA or taking distributions from your existing 401(k). Once these funds are in your new account, investing in IRS-approved gold coins and bullion may provide diversification against inflation and economic uncertainty.


When it comes to storing precious metals in an IRA, there are certain rules you should abide by. For instance, keeping gold at home or other personal storage is against IRS regulations and considered distribution which means taxes as well as possible penalties may need to be paid (if you’re under 59 1/2).

Instead, work with a gold IRA company that stores investments in an IRS-approved depository if you want to ensure they comply with IRS rules and remain safe and compliant with them.

These companies will assist with both the purchase and storage of physical gold investments, helping you select IRA-approved precious metals while assuring they are stored separately from others in what’s known as segregated storage.


Gold can be an asset used to diversify retirement portfolios and possibly hedge against inflation; however, its market volatility makes it a high-risk investment option.

Precious metal dealers charge storage and insurance fees that can eat into an investor’s return on investment. Buyers should conduct due diligence on dealers by investigating how long they have been in business, their Better Business Bureau rating and membership in industry organizations such as Professional Numismatists Guild. Furthermore, avoid promises such as “free silver when opening an IRA”, as these may obscure higher costs associated with additional metal purchases.

The IRS has strict rules regarding precious metal investments within an IRA, with only those products that adhere to purity standards set by them allowed. Also, an IRA cannot hold traditional investments such as stocks and bonds – traditional SDIRA or Roth SDIRA can be used instead to invest in precious metals; please consult a financial adviser about which may best suit your situation.


Gold IRAs are individual retirement accounts that conform with IRS rules for holding physical precious metals. You have three options when opening one: traditional pretax, Roth or SEP accounts – any gains will need to be taxed as with any investment vehicle when withdrawing them in retirement.

Gold IRAs typically include storage fees to cover the costs associated with safe and insured storage for metal bars, coins and ingots. You might also incur costs related to opening a new account and ongoing account maintenance.

You’ll likely need to pay a dealer in order to liquidate your IRA and collect its contents when closing out, liquidating or liquidating for cash. Make sure you select an unbiased dealer with transparent pricing who provides transparent education as well as one with great customer service ratings and track records; these firms should all offer great returns. It is crucial that you take time to research all costs associated with investing in gold before committing.

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