Are Self Directed IRAs a Good Idea?

Are selfdirected IRAs a good idea

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to use their retirement savings for purchasing assets like real estate and physical gold, though these investments carry greater risk due to having the responsibility for researching opportunities that meet legal regulations.

Avoid prohibited transactions and disqualified individuals


Diversifying your portfolio by investing your retirement assets across various alternative investments will protect them against all moving in one direction during an economic downturn.

Self directed IRA owners can use self directed IRAs to invest in real estate, private equity and funds, real estate loans, note investing opportunities, tax liens and deeds and more. While you are in control of selecting and monitoring these opportunities on your own, financial or tax professionals should provide additional guidance if necessary.

Custodians must also be qualified to hold non-traditional asset classes, which includes anything not traded publicly such as real estate, gold and silver ingots, private company shares and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. As non-traditional assets may be illiquid and difficult to value accurately, it is critical that account statements contain accurate prices and asset valuation information.

Tax-Free Growth

Self-directed IRAs allow you to invest in real estate and other alternative assets without incurring taxes until it comes time to withdraw them, increasing investment returns while potentially adding significant sums towards retirement savings.

Before investing, be sure to understand all tax rules associated with alternative investments and verify information on your account statements that pertain to them. It might also be wise to get a third-party valuation from an established professional as well as research tax assessment records to confirm information contained on your statement.

Be sure to abide by IRS regulations when investing in real estate and alternative assets, including renting to disqualified persons or living in properties owned through your self-directed IRA. Furthermore, payment to yourself or another disqualified individual cannot be accepted for maintenance work on properties owned by an IRA.

Tax-Free Withdrawals

Self directed IRAs offer you the ability to hold alternative investments like real estate, precious metals and startups – in addition to more traditional assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds – providing greater diversification within your investment portfolio.

Self-directed IRAs give you the power to invest in investments that reflect your passions, expertise and experiences. For instance, as an experienced landlord you could use retirement money from your self-directed IRA to purchase rental properties that produce income that goes straight into your account.

Be mindful that it’s your responsibility to investigate every investment opportunity carefully and adhere to IRS rules, for instance you cannot purchase property you already own or rent to disqualified persons with your IRA; perform work yourself or pay yourself or disqualified persons directly. Also keep in mind that your IRA custodian won’t vet potential opportunities or determine their riskiness so make sure to do your own thorough research of potential opportunities before investing.

More Control

With a self-directed IRA, you have the flexibility to invest in assets that align with your expertise or passion. While traditional retirement accounts limit themselves to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, an SDIRA enables you to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, private equity funds, precious metals, oil/gas projects limited partnerships etc.

As these investments are unregulated like stocks and bonds, your custodian cannot vet them or assess the riskiness for you – which is why it may be wiser to consult a financial adviser or investment adviser instead.

Keep in mind that nontraditional assets tend to be less liquid than their traditional counterparts, which could delay or cost more should you want to sell. Furthermore, some may incur higher fees or complicated recordkeeping requirements; it’s essential that you fully comprehend all potential risks and benefits prior to opening a self-directed IRA of any sort and research whether the administrator chosen by you is directly regulated by state or federal banking authorities as this may put your cash and assets at risk.

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