Are Silver Krugerrands IRA Eligible?

Silver is an attractive investment asset. Its properties make it suitable for batteries, photovoltaic panels, touchscreens and semiconductors as well as serving as an important store of wealth.

Silver coins and bullion must meet certain fineness standards to be eligible for inclusion into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This article explains how to open and fund such an IRA.

1. Silver Krugerrands are 99.9% pure

Silver is an invaluable metal that finds many industrial applications. Due to its exceptional strength and malleability, silver can be used to produce photovoltaic panels, touchscreens, semiconductors and more – increasing in value over time as demand for this essential resource grows.

Gold and silver to be considered IRA eligible must meet certain purity standards; American Gold Eagle coins qualify; however, other bullion coins do not satisfy these criteria and thus do not qualify as eligible investments for retirement accounts (IRA).

The 1 oz Silver Krugerrand meets the purity requirements for an IRA, making it a valuable addition to any precious metals portfolio. Its iconic design elements capture South Africa’s rich heritage and natural beauty – the obverse featuring Paul Kruger’s distinguished portrait while its reverse depicting their national symbol, a springbok antelope prancing. Weight and fineness details as well as year of mintage are prominently displayed; multiples of 25 coins come packaged and sealed into tubes while monster boxes of 500 units may also be purchased.

2. They are minted in South Africa

The Gold Krugerrand has long been an icon in the coin industry, but in 2017 its Silver equivalent made its debut. Since its introduction, one ounce silver coins from this coin series have quickly become popular with investors and collectors. Their name – Krugerrand – combines South Africa’s currency unit – the rand – with Paul Kruger, four-term President of South Africa; their reverse side features its national symbol – springboks!

This animal has come to symbolize South African sports teams internationally as “Springboks.” Coin’s face features year, date, weight information. Silver Krugerrands contain one troy ounce of 99.9% fine silver content with no set face value allowing their value to change solely due to precious metal content; produced at South African Mint which is well known for crafting high quality legal tender and bullion coins.

3. They are legal tender

The Krugerrand coins feature Paul Kruger, former president of South Africa. On its reverse is a springbok antelope – one of South Africa’s national symbols – while weight, metal composition and year of minting information is displayed alongside.

As a precious metal coin with legal tender status and an initial face value of two rand, silver bullion coins offer investors a convenient investment option that diversifies their portfolio with silver bullion.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all silver coins and bars qualify for an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Only coins with specific requirements such as having met minimum fineness requirements or not having been certified as numismatic or collectable can be stored in an IRA; these requirements can be found in the IRS precious metals guidelines. Therefore, only purchase these precious metals from trusted dealers with approved depository facilities, and store them properly – for more information visit our guide on precious metals in an IRA.

4. They are tax-free

Silver is an invaluable precious metal used as an investment against financial uncertainty. Additionally, its industrial uses include touchscreens, photovoltaic solar cells and batteries – leading to increased demand. Therefore, investing in silver using an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and reap significant capital gains.

However, not all silver products are IRA eligible. IRS regulations establish strict purity requirements to qualify precious metals as assets in an IRA account; only coins and bars that meet this criteria qualify as eligible investments in an IRA account. Furthermore, profits made on the sale of an eligible coin incur a 28% capital gains rate when sold instead of 25% that is typical with collectibles. Therefore it is imperative that before making your final decision to research whether an intended silver purchase complies with IRS eligibility rules before making your final choice – there are numerous companies who provide products which meet this criteria such as gold and silver products which meet this eligibility rules for purchase – to find products which meet this eligibility before making your final decision – there are many reputable companies providing products which meet these rules!

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