Best Place to Invest in an IRA

Where is the best place to invest in an IRA

Your best choice for investing in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) depends on your retirement savings needs. Traders should seek an IRA provider with low trading fees and offers a diverse selection of ETFs; other investors might like Betterment’s Robo-Advice platform or Boston-based Catch’s high-tech IRA solution as alternative investments.

Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge is an outstanding online brokerage for both newcomer and experienced DIY investors alike, providing them with access to an expansive array of investment options, extensive research resources and educational materials. Plus its user-friendly platform is free from clutter – unlike other platforms that boast icons and emoji overload!

Merrill Edge’s deep integration with Bank of America allows customers to manage both banking and investing accounts from one convenient place, while enjoying additional perks. Merrill Edge also provides tools and calculators for retirement planning, college savings planning and financial planning purposes – as well as its newly introduced Idea Builder which enables users to search investments based on ideas rather than traditional metrics; furthermore it features an NTF fund screener; while its Research/Fixed Income page features filter options including maturity date yield price rating filter options on fixed income securities available from its stable of investments.


Fidelity offers investors virtually every service imaginable from a broker, from investment strategies and low fees to speedy customer service and comprehensive account offerings like traditional brokerage, 529 college savings plans and health savings accounts.

Fidelity provides more than market commentary; they also offer a comprehensive suite of research tools. Their stock, ETF and mutual fund screeners offer advanced functionality with regard to data analysis. Furthermore, Fidelity’s thematic investing provides access to emerging trends such as cloud computing in Information Technology or new drilling technologies in Energy.

Fidelity Model Portfolios are made available through financial intermediaries on a non-discretionary basis by Fidelity Institutional Wealth Adviser LLC (“FIWA”) and its affiliates Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC and National Financial Services LLC (collectively “Fidelity”). Not all offerings may be suitable for all investors.


Betterment provides a comprehensive suite of tools and pre-built investment strategies designed to help you meet multiple financial goals simultaneously, such as purchasing a car, retiring in 30 years or paying for college education for children. Furthermore, external accounts can be linked in order to gain a more holistic overview of your situation.

Betterment’s digital plan charges an affordable annual fee of 0.25% on balances over $20,000 or if you make regular deposits. Their mobile app is easy to use, offering educational resources.

Core Portfolio includes ETFs from 13 asset classes and uses an asset allocation strategy based on modern portfolio theory, while three socially responsible investing portfolio options (Broad Impact, Climate Impact and Social Impact) can also be offered for those interested in SRI investing. Furthermore, its services support individual and joint taxable brokerage accounts as well as Roth, traditional, inherited rollover SEP IRAs as well as trusts.


Ally offers commission-free trades on US stocks, options and ETFs that qualify. It provides access to an advanced charting tool, ETF screener and calculators as well as offering an auto-rebalancing service at no cost.

Ally Financial was established in 1919 and currently manages over $180 billion in assets. Their digital banking and investing services include Ally Invest, their robo-advisor.

Ally Invest Robo Portfolios allow investors to choose between cash-focused or market-focused investment styles and choose an asset allocation. Ally will then automatically manage and rebalance their portfolios to help ensure they meet their goals. Customers may also invest directly via Ally Invest Self-Directed accounts; securities products offered are not FDIC insured, guaranteed by banks or can lose value over time.

Charles Schwab

Schwab Investment Services is a full-service investment firm offering banking, brokerage and annuities services for both affluent individuals as well as small business owners. Their products cater to both groups.

Schwab offers low-cost investing, an extensive network of branches, in-person financial planning and advice services, as well as 24/7 account access for viewing accounts and transfer funds around the clock. In addition, its website hosts articles, videos, and podcasts related to investment strategies and planning.

Schwab has earned an excellent reputation for providing unparalleled customer support. Their support team can be reached 24/7 via phone calls, emails or live chats and their phone service excels during times of peak demand, market volatility or system maintenance.

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