Can an IRA Be Owned by an LLC?

Self-directed IRA owners frequently invest in LLCs as a way of cutting transaction fees when buying alternative investments and having signing control over contracts and access to an LLC business checking account.

Though LLC structures offer many advantages, it’s critical to make sure all transactions comply with IRS rules and are legitimate. Therefore, working with an experienced advisor is highly recommended.


As with any investment, IRAs carry taxes. As the beneficiary of an IRA, you are required to take RMDs (required minimum distributions) and pay any applicable taxes even if you no longer require that money. Taking periodic distributions may help avoid paying excessive tax burdens.

An IRA may also have tax implications when investing in real estate. For instance, debt-financed properties could be subject to UBIT (“Unrelated Business Income Tax”).

Also, an inherited IRA could be affected by estate taxes imposed upon deceased estates and can reduce its value significantly, so it is wise to carefully consider your individual tax situation when making decisions regarding whether an IRA is the appropriate investment choice for you.


An LLC provides several tax advantages to retirement investors. Perhaps its primary benefit lies in creating a barrier between IRA investments and personal assets, protecting its owner from having to pay taxes on earnings generated by the LLC. But for these advantages to remain effective, you must properly establish your LLC with an operating agreement and rules designed to prevent it from mixing funds or engaging in unlawful transactions.

An IRA LLC can save money when used to invest in foreclosed real estate properties, enabling you to screen tenants yourself and perform repair and maintenance without incurring additional management fees.


An IRA/LLC investment structure provides retirement accounts with access to alternative assets by investing directly into an LLC that will purchase them; for example, real estate could be purchased using this strategy.

IRA/LLCs are popular among investors looking for greater control, flexibility and asset protection of their retirement investments. However, it’s essential that investors consult a knowledgeable tax professional in order to fully comprehend any specific requirements or consequences involved with investing through an LLC.

An IRA/LLC allows you to make real estate purchases more rapidly than through traditional self-directed IRA custodian. This is especially effective if you want to take advantage of foreclosure sales where purchasing through an LLC may be more cost effective. Furthermore, an IRA LLC provides an opportunity for purchasing nontraditional and alternative investments prohibited in traditional IRAs (such as life insurance policies, collectibles gems or bullion with insufficient purity), creating less bureaucracy for retirement funds with greater control, flexibility and control for control over and flexibility over their retirement funds.


As a freelancer or small business owner, an SEP IRA could be an excellent way to save for retirement. The account offers a straightforward setup process and high contribution limits (up to $61,000 in 2022). However, some restrictions apply; no catch-up contributions or loan provisions.

An IRA LLC can be especially useful when investing in assets like real estate that require quick decisions and settlements, such as real estate purchases. With such an IRA LLC you can make purchases quickly without incurring high custodian fees for each transaction you make.

IRA LLCs also allow you to explore alternative investments permitted by the IRS, such as real estate, precious metals and private equity investments. Just make sure you adhere to IRS guidelines and avoid prohibited transactions — such as pooling funds with someone not eligible or engaging in self-dealing – which would void your IRA membership and cause its funds to become disqualified for tax or investment deduction purposes. Consult a tax and investment professional for more guidance and details.

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