Can an IRA Invest in Gold Coins?

Can an IRA invest in gold coins

An IRA may invest in physical gold coins provided they meet IRS standards and do not qualify as collectibles. Gold and other precious metals must be stored with an IRS-approved depository.

Investors can find firms specializing in gold IRAs online. These providers usually have a strong record of transparency, outlining all fees clearly on their websites.


Gold coins and bullion must meet certain purity standards to qualify as eligible investments in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). When purchasing metals for this investment vehicle, make sure your provider offers purity levels verified by an independent third party – this will help guarantee genuineness when selling on. Reselling will ensure a higher price and that no stolen precious metals were sold back into circulation.

Storage fees vary by institution and are charged when keeping gold stored at an IRS-approved facility, rather than keeping it at home. Gold must remain safe as an investment asset that could incur taxes should any withdrawals occur.

Gold can provide your retirement portfolio with an alternative way of protecting against inflation. While not offering the same returns as stocks or fixed income investments, gold may help protect it from inflation by increasing in value relative to dollars over time. Furthermore, it makes for an excellent complement when used alongside traditional or Roth IRAs.


When selling gold coins from an IRA account, the IRS will calculate your gain based on their original cost basis – this is comprised of what was paid plus any associated expenses such as shipping or insurance costs.

Gold coins purchased with an SDIRA account are subject to taxes as any other investment, making this type of account suitable for precious metals investing.

Many gold IRA companies don’t provide transparent details regarding fees on their websites, making obtaining all the details more challenging. Common fees associated with gold IRA accounts include account setup and maintenance, storage fees, insurance premiums and markup on precious metals.

Some IRAs can only hold bullion bars or coins that meet specific IRS guidelines, such as American Eagle coins backed by the Treasury – these meet those standards and therefore can be approved for holding in an IRA, helping avoid taxes associated with collectibles while adhering to rules in the Internal Revenue Code which prohibit investing them with your IRA funds.


As with all retirement accounts, the IRS imposes regulations about what can and cannot be invested in an IRA. For instance, they do not permit collectibles or certain types of gold coins to be owned in such accounts, and penalty fees for withdrawals made before age 59 1/2 apply.

Traditional, Roth, SEP and SIMPLE-IRAs all adhere to certain rules related to retirement savings accounts (IRAs). Fortunately, however, the tax code provides a special exception for precious metals meeting certain purity standards that qualify as assets within these plans.

Your perfect provider should possess all of the appropriate licenses, registrations, insurances and credentials required for operation; as well as have an excellent track record when it comes to customer support and account opening times. A reliable provider such as Delaware Depository Service Company will partner with a secure storage facility like their own so your precious metals can always be easily accessible when the time comes.


Rollovers involve moving funds from one retirement account to another, typically when someone changes jobs and decides they wish to transfer the money from their former employer’s retirement plan into an IRA. Rollovers should be completed within 60 days or they’ll incur income tax and an early distribution penalty of 10%.

To avoid taxes, the best approach for moving retirement plans between accounts is usually direct transfers; this allows the IRS to keep track of which original property has been transferred; although indirect transfers may also work depending on your particular circumstances.

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