Can an LLC Invest in Gold?

Can an LLC invest in gold

Gold has long been seen as an effective hedge against inflation and political unrest, providing protection from both. You can purchase it as bullion, coins or through exchange-traded funds that own it.

Physical gold investments are considered collectibles by the IRS and any gains may be taxed at up to 28%, while gains on gold ETFs and mutual funds are taxed under long-term capital gains rates.


The IRS considers gold coins and bullion to be capital assets, so any profits made from selling these investments are subject to capital gains tax. This type of tax applies equally to investments that have experienced increases in value like property or stocks.

Investors frequently turn to gold as an inflation hedge and safety net during times of political or financial unease, drawn by its timeless allure as money and its tangible nature, making it easy to convert to cash on-the-fly and take with them anywhere they go.

Some investors opt to invest in gold through buying shares of a gold mining company. Although not actually investing in physical gold, their shares could help them avoid paying taxes upon sale through using a 1031 exchange. Investors must reinvest any earnings within 45 days or face being subject to capital gains tax liability on profits earned.


Gold bullion provides investors with an effective diversifier for their portfolios, historically having low correlations to stocks, bonds and commodities. While physical assets require storage for safekeeping purposes, investors may also use exchange-traded funds that hold precious metals as well as track their prices without incurring fund expenses.

An LLC Gold IRA allows you to manage your investments without being subject to Custodian fees. Instead of sending cash directly to them for investment approval, checks may be written directly in the name of your Precious Metals IRA LLC instead.

An LLC owned by an IRA provides added asset protection. An IRA owned LLC makes for an excellent alternative to unallocated accounts at bullion banks or gold dealers, since federal law only protects up to $1 Million of an IRA’s assets under federal law compared to having to go through an LLC before reaching those precious metal assets. Annual maintenance costs in Wyoming average less than $200 for this type of entity.


Gold investments may include physical bullion, coins or jewelry; investors also may purchase shares of gold-mining companies – which offer simpler management than physical gold investments while providing cash-flow benefits – and shares of these businesses can provide similar investment returns.

Physical gold gains are taxed as collectibles and subject to an upper collectibles rate of 28%, which is much higher than the typical 15% long-term capital gains rate for most assets and taxpayers. Furthermore, storage of physical gold may be costly.

Investors looking to avoid these costs may wish to open a precious metals IRA LLC. A Gold IRA gives investors control of their retirement funds and allows them to buy, store and transport precious metals without paying sales tax or dealing with brokers and dealers. Furthermore, these LLCs provide asset protection: should an owner of such an account become subject to court judgement they would have to go through it to seize assets that have been placed into an IRA account.


Gold bullion and coins are an easy and cost-effective way to invest in precious metals, but require storage and insurance for safe keeping. Investors may also buy derivative instruments like futures and forwards that give them the right (but not obligation) to purchase or sell specified amounts of gold at specific prices at predetermined dates; settlement can either take the form of kind delivery or cash payments. Lastly, ETFs/ETCs offer another avenue; their shares reflect gold prices less expenses but when redeeming for physical gold redemption premiums apply – making these instruments worthwhile investments.

Gold mining businesses may provide investors with another profitable avenue of investment, benefitting from both rising metal prices and increased production profits. But this investment type requires significant time commitment and long-term planning; even legendary investors like Warren Buffett prefer cash-flowing businesses over gold investments.

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