Can an LLC Invest in Gold?

Individuals looking for complete control of their retirement funds and purchasing precious metals without going through a Custodian can do so through a Gold or Precious Metals IRA LLC.

Gold investments deemed collectibles can be taxed at up to 28% when sold, much higher than the 15% long-term capital gains rate that applies to most taxpayers.

Asset Protection

When investing in precious metals, it is essential that your assets are secure. One way is investing in physical gold bars and coins with an LLC with access to secure storage facilities or depository. You could also consider purchasing gold mutual funds and ETFs that invest directly into bullion for you; any profits would then be taxed as capital gains instead of earned income due to representing physical assets without any effort on your part; smart tax planning strategies can minimize these taxes further.

Another way to safeguard investments is transferring title over to an LLC before creditors can claim them. You can do this either by purchasing metals in their name or switching ownership with notarized documentation. Doing this makes it more difficult for judgment creditors to claim your personal assets as they must fight with the LLC to get them.


Typically, the IRS taxes capital gains from precious metal investments in much the same manner as it taxes other investments. Physical gold and any funds holding physical metal are considered collectibles and will incur taxes of 28% for gains from such investments.

Leveraged ETFs that invest in futures contracts are considered securities and should be taxed at ordinary long-term capital gains rates. Because these funds don’t purchase physical gold but rather purchase shares of mining companies that produce it, the tax implications could differ accordingly.

An LLC can be an excellent way of protecting physical gold assets when investing. When held in your personal name and sued, any judgment creditors could easily seize ownership. With an LLC however, judgment creditors will need to fight through the entity in order to gain access to your assets; making their efforts much harder than simply going after you personally. For this reason alone many investors opt for using an LLC when holding precious metals as they provide greater protection from future judgment creditors.


Gold can be an essential addition to a diversified investment portfolio, but don’t be misled into thinking physical precious metals are low-risk or safe investments. In reality, investing in precious metals involves considerable expense and hassle; storage fees, price fluctuations and investor loans all threaten potential gains.

Physical gold investments may lead to serious tax complications. According to IRS classification rules, gains on physical gold assets are considered taxable income and must be reported. With proper planning in mind however, investors can reduce capital gains taxes considerably.

An LLC provides low-risk investors with a low-risk option for investing in precious metals. An LLC enjoys similar tax benefits as traditional or Roth IRAs, with gains on precious metals held within it being treated as flow through income rather than subject to taxes like holdings held individually would.


A popular way of investing in gold with an IRA is purchasing stocks in a gold mining company, rather than holding physical pieces yourself. You invest your faith in their ability to make decisions that will cause their share price to increase, not in physical gold pieces themselves. Another option would be using a Self-Directed IRA Custodian who allows you to buy precious metals directly through them but impose additional nickel-and-dime fees that add up quickly; or alternatively consider creating either a Precious Metals LLC or Gold IRA LLC which allow checkbook control without incurring extra Custodian fees.

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