Can Gold Be Held in an IRA?

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Physical precious metals do not generate dividends or interest, so they cannot be stored in a traditional IRA. Instead, a separate custodian must handle them, with fees associated with storage and transportation fees being assessed as part of this arrangement.


Gold may be an attractive investment option for those who want to diversify their portfolios, but investors should carefully consider its costs of ownership before making their decision. These costs may include brokerage fees, account setup fees and storage fees – not forgetting seller markup when calculating how much to invest.

The Internal Revenue Code permits self-directed IRAs to purchase precious metal coins and bullion such as American Eagle gold. However, any metal purchases must be stored at an approved depository – for best results work with a custodian who works closely with these depositories and recommends reliable options; each facility must also undergo regular audits in accordance with IRS regulations.

Note that, although a Gold IRA can provide a great way to diversify your portfolio, you cannot physically take possession of its assets until reaching retirement age and are required to take out at least a minimum distribution from it at that point.


Precious metals held in an IRA can provide tax advantages, but may not be the ideal investment for your retirement portfolio. Unfortunately, precious metals are less liquid than stocks or mutual funds; you must pay storage fees to an IRS-approved depository, meet specific purity and fineness standards before purchasing, as well as purchase only bullion coins minted by government mints; in addition, your gold must also be stored safely within an account or depository.

Additionally, annual fees associated with storage of your precious metals can be quite expensive; to find the most cost-effective solution for your retirement needs. Bear in mind that holding physical gold in an IRA eats away at its tax-deferred potential; therefore it might be prudentr investing in an ETF or holding them in a taxable account instead.


There are certain regulations to keep in mind when investing in a gold IRA, including tax implications and withdrawal rules. Before starting one, it’s advisable to seek advice from either your financial advisor or tax professional regarding these aspects of investing. Your choice of account can also affect how your strategy evolves; traditional and Roth IRAs allow for tax-deductible contributions; with Roth offering tax-free distributions upon reaching retirement age; other accounts include Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs which permit self-employed individuals to contribute up to 25% of their yearly income compared with traditional or Roth options.

Most reputable gold IRA companies provide comprehensive services, such as custodial services and precious metals dealer duties, but this may come at a cost. Fees associated with setting up an IRA account or sales costs could add up, while storage and insurance charges vary by provider.


Though precious metals may be an effective way to diversify retirement savings, they come with some drawbacks. Most significantly, the IRS requires that your precious metals be held by an authorized custodian rather than in your home – which can present challenges for those who prefer control of their assets themselves.

Investing in physical gold or silver through an IRA is also costly; initial purchase costs, storage fees and insurance fees must all be covered as well as penalties due to RMD requirements of age 59 1/2 must also be covered.

IRA-approved gold is only available through certain providers, so to avoid tax evasion you should always invest in high-refined bullion that conforms with IRS definition of an approved asset. Furthermore, any coins or bullion from private mints should never be purchased – instead search for an independent custodian offering true self-directed IRAs which specialize exclusively in IRS approved bullion.

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