Can I Buy Bitcoin With a Self Directed IRA?

Can I buy Bitcoin with a selfdirected IRA

Investors looking to invest in cryptocurrency may have difficulty finding an IRA custodian who allows it. You should also keep in mind the IRS guidelines regarding prohibited transactions when making these investments.

Noting that IRA custodians do not bear responsibility for investigating the quality of investment options they provide is key, so it is vital to watch out for red flags such as brand new investment companies or claims of high returns.


If you are contemplating opening a self-directed IRA, it is crucial that you understand how taxes impact your decisions regarding investments. As a rule, self-directed IRAs are taxed in line with other IRAs – meaning when withdrawing money in retirement there will be taxes due owed owed; but there may be exceptions related to precious metals and cryptocurrency investments.

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to invest in various assets – real estate, private equity, promissory notes, precious metals and cryptocurrencies among them – unlike traditional IRAs which limit you to only stock market investments. Many find this type of account liberating as their retirement savings no longer are subject to the volatility of the stock market.

However, it’s essential to remember that non-traditional assets can be more challenging to sell than stocks and bonds; often requiring professional help in order to vet potential deals and ensure legitimacy. Furthermore, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission warnings about self-directed IRA promoters who inaccurately list prices or expected returns of an asset they promote in self-directed IRAs.


Investment of alternative assets with a self-directed IRA is an attractive solution for investors who seek more control of their retirement investments, have an increased risk tolerance, and desire to diversify their portfolio. But investing requires extensive research and due diligence – as well as working with an IRA custodian who can guide you through the process and offer expert guidance and advice.

Investment options beyond precious metals, real estate and startup equity include precious metals, real estate and startup equity. But it is important to adhere to IRS rules and avoid prohibited transactions that can incur severe IRS penalties; such as using retirement savings for collectibles (like first edition comic books), personal residence and services you provide yourself.

Self-directed IRAs differ from regular IRAs in that they require more paperwork and incur higher fees; however, they still offer many of the same tax advantages of traditional and Roth IRAs such as tax-deferred growth and penalty-free withdrawals in retirement.


Self-directed IRAs for crypto allow investors to purchase and hold cryptocurrency as long-term investments without incurring high costs associated with traditional stock trading or cryptocurrency exchanges, and offer greater diversification across assets. Furthermore, gains made on an IRA-owned Bitcoin are tax deferred until withdrawal takes place.

For the easiest cryptocurrency investment experience, find an IRA-compliant custodian who provides Bitcoin investment options. There are numerous such custodians online; most offer different account types, exchanges and cryptocurrencies to choose from – however, before settling on one it is wise to thoroughly research each option and compare fees before making your decision.

Another way to circumvent high fees is investing in a Bitcoin IRA with “checkbook control.” With this method, the investor owns his/her cryptocurrency within an LLC owned by their IRA and uses funds from said IRA to purchase it. This method offers much greater safety than holding your coins on an exchange since you maintain full control over the wallet and keep full ownership over it.


Self-directed IRAs present additional investment complexities and drawbacks that conventional IRAs don’t. One drawback may be higher fees; also they don’t allow investments such as collectibles or life insurance, and don’t offer tax loss harvesting which is available with taxable accounts.

Self-directed IRAs do not provide the same due diligence protections as conventional IRAs, making it more challenging to protect your investments from dead coins and crypto scams. Therefore, it’s critical that you conduct your own research prior to investing in cryptocurrency. Previously, retirement funds could only be used to buy bitcoin through an LLC; however, after a recent tax court ruling (McNulty v Commissioner), this has changed and can now be directly used on exchanges without needing an LLC structure in place first.

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