Can I Buy Gold With a SEP IRA?

If you want to invest in precious metals through a SEP IRA, finding an experienced gold IRA company will assist with account setup, purchase and shipment to an IRS-approved depository. They should also assist with any necessary paperwork or reporting needs.

Patriot Gold Group provides outstanding customer service, boasting five-star reviews on Google and Trustpilot, with no additional fees for SEP gold IRA accounts over $100,000.


Gold coins may be the go-to way of investing, but SEP IRAs also allow investors to purchase gold bars of various weights and purity levels. These metal products may weigh as little as one ounce or up to 400 ounces and often bear the name of their minter/company/individual creator along with details regarding quantity and purity of their precious metal content.

Investors with SEP IRAs can also indirectly purchase gold and silver by investing in precious metals ETFs, index funds or mining stocks – commonly referred to as “paper gold.” Such investments make for suitable tax-advantaged retirement accounts such as an SEP IRA.

As with other IRAs, SEPs allow both rolling over funds from an existing account and contributing new money. Our Specialist can walk you through your options for opening an SEP self-directed IRA (SDIRA), so once selected a custodian you can start investing your SEP dollars in various IRS-approved assets.


Many individuals use Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to purchase coins and precious metals with tax advantages, with assistance from brokers and custodians. A SEP IRA allows investors to invest in both circulated and uncirculated gold bullion coins with special designs or bearing the names of mints or companies that produced them.

SEP IRAs can be an ideal solution for freelancers and other self-employed workers looking to lower their taxes and hedge against inflation. Before making purchases, however, it’s crucial that you understand all of its rules and regulations thoroughly. A custodian will typically handle initial setup as well as helping select precious metals. Once in storage they’ll also help ship your metals securely before helping complete any IRS paperwork required of them – one such IRA custodian is Oxford Gold Group which holds an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau as well as 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot!


SEP IRAs, or self-directed individual retirement accounts (SEP gold IRAs), allow individuals to invest in precious metals as part of their retirement savings strategy. A SEP gold IRA provides individuals with greater flexibility when selecting which precious metals they wish to buy and sell through self-directed trading platforms like Bullion Vault.

Individuals looking to open a SEP need to find both a custodian and broker. A custodian will assist in setting up the new account while working alongside them as their broker to buy gold.

Orion, Oxford Gold Group and Goldco are three top SEP gold IRA providers that can meet your needs for SEP gold IRAs. Each offers various services including account setup, metal sales and home storage solutions as well as offering an impressive variety of bullion products with impressive reviews including an A+ from Better Business Bureau and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot – your Specialist can give more insight into these companies and their services.


If you’re planning on investing in physical gold and silver bullion through a SEP IRA, a broker can be invaluable in setting up the account and selecting appropriate products. An excellent SEP gold IRA broker should offer superior customer service while boasting an established track record as well as providing useful educational resources.

SEP-IRAs can be an attractive choice for small business owners because they do not impose as many fees and restrictions. But be wary not to exceed contribution limits, or else taxes may need to be paid as penalties.

Your other option for investing in precious metals indirectly is buying shares of mining and precious metals ETFs, which are suitable investments for any tax-advantaged retirement account including SEP IRAs. ETFs offer lower volatility than physical gold prices and make an ideal way to diversify portfolios.

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