Can I Buy Gold With IRA Money?

Investors with an IRA can select from an array of investments; however, the IRS prohibits them from purchasing collectibles like gold.

Physical gold investing requires using a custodian that manages all aspects of its purchase, storage and insurance – and these fees can have a major effect on your returns.


While adding precious metals such as gold to your retirement portfolio is an excellent idea, when choosing a custodian you must select one who does not charge excessive fees. Many standard IRA custodians do not handle physical metals and will charge additional fees to purchase, store, sell and manage these investments – as well as hidden charges that make any return almost impossible.

Tax considerations should also be carefully taken into account when considering a gold IRA investment, just like with any IRA. Withdrawals made before age 59.5 are subject to an additional 10% penalty tax.

When investing in gold for an IRA, bullion and coins are the safest bet. The IRS prohibits investing in life insurance policies or collectibles (such as certain kinds of gold coins). You’ll want to be certain your bullion meets IRS standards as any assets not in compliance may be considered prohibited assets by them.


Fees associated with purchasing gold through an IRA vary. Many companies offering such accounts charge administrative, storage and insurance fees that vary based on how valuable the assets in an account are.

A client’s investment amount in their metals IRA may also influence fees they pay; as most firms do not publish such details online, making a phone call necessary to obtain accurate costs information.

Gold investing can be an excellent way to diversify a retirement portfolio. But it is essential that investors select an organization with clear pricing policies and transparent practices if investing via an IRA. Augusta Precious Metals stands out amongst competitors as an outstanding place for buying gold with an IRA, providing numerous educational resources including videos from Harvard-trained economist Delvyn Steele himself as well as its transparent pricing scheme and wide selection of physical and digital products that can be purchased online.


Gold isn’t a liquid investment, which makes it harder to access when necessary. This can become especially troublesome near retirement age when required minimum distributions (RMDs) become necessary – you might have to sell off some precious metals in order to access cash, or pay shipping charges so as to access more gold at once; both options result in the loss of some value from its holdings.

These complications can be reduced by selecting a reliable custodian that has an established track record of transparency and competitive pricing on purchases. The best IRA companies also don’t charge additional fees and offer impartial customer education, providing investment-grade precious metals without using high-pressure sales tactics; additionally they don’t allow collectibles that do not qualify for preferential tax treatment under IRS rules.


When investing in gold with an IRA, finding a reliable custodian is crucial. While you cannot store it at home as the IRS prohibits this practice. Most gold IRA companies provide storage services at depository vaults that offer additional levels of security and insurance than can be found at home or bank; however, this method often entails annual fees as direct access may not always be possible.

Some companies provide an easier alternative by shipping gold directly to a depository for safekeeping, eliminating annual fees but potentially delaying withdrawals. Furthermore, any gold received will likely be mixed together and non-allocated meaning you may not get back exactly the items that were deposited with them.

Augusta Precious Metals provides this option and has thousands of positive Google reviews as proof. They allow investors to choose among various precious metal investments with buyback guarantees for added peace of mind.

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