Can I Buy Gold With IRA Money?

Can I buy gold with IRA money

Gold doesn’t pay dividends or provide income, making it less lucrative than stocks. Furthermore, IRA-approved precious metals companies charge fees to purchase and store gold investments.

These fees typically consist of an initial setup and annual custodian fees, with storage fees charged separately depending on whether or not precious metals are allocated individually, or used commingled storage (where all gold for multiple IRA holders is stored together). Unfortunately, many individuals overlook these expenses when setting up an IRA.

Self-directed IRAs

When considering investing in gold with an IRA, it’s essential that you understand all of your available options. While conventional IRAs typically only permit investments such as cash, stocks and bonds; self-directed precious metal IRAs allow investors to invest directly in physical precious metals.

Start by searching for a dealer offering IRA-eligible gold coins or bullion. Next, locate a custodian who will accept your investment; these may include banks or trust companies approved by the IRS to manage IRAs – look for one with proven success and low fees!

Before making your final choice, it is wise to read reviews and complaints online about any prospective custodian. Be wary of those with poor customer service records or ties to untrustworthy precious metal dealers; look instead for those offering segregated storage solutions – this will safeguard against theft while guaranteeing the metals remain under your ownership when withdrawing them.


Precious metals provide investors with a unique diversification opportunity in their retirement account portfolios. While conventional IRAs and 401(k) accounts limit which types of precious metal coins and bars they allow you to invest in, self-directed IRAs enable more options at reasonable rates that adhere to IRS guidelines.

Physical gold requires that it is stored in an IRS-approved depository; any other place would violate your IRA. Storing it at home or safe deposit box would constitute an act of theft against it and therefore constitute an unlawful act against its storage requirements.

Start a self-directed gold IRA by rolling funds from traditional or Roth IRAs into it, or contributing new money. Note, though, that withdrawals from a gold IRA are subject to taxation as with any IRA withdrawal, and any made prior to age 59 1/2 incur penalties and additional storage and custodian fees may apply.


Gold can make for an excellent IRA investment as it’s unaffected by stock market fluctuations and often considered an economic safe haven. However, investors must remember there may be fees associated with opening and managing a gold IRA such as storage costs and insurance costs.

To establish a gold IRA, first locate a firm that specializes in these accounts and complete all necessary forms. Next, choose which metals you would like to invest in (only certain coins and bars are approved by the IRS) before instructing your account custodian to purchase them on your behalf and send them off for secure depository storage.

The IRS prohibits home storage of collectibles, so don’t believe claims from some gold IRA companies that they can store your metals at home. Doing so could incur significant tax penalties and should only be done after consulting with both your financial and tax advisors.


People looking for exposure to precious metals in their IRA can invest in gold-mining company stocks or mutual funds that hold these stocks; however, some investors prefer physical possession of the metal itself and can establish a self-directed IRA in order to buy bullion, coins or other products which meet IRS rules.

However, these accounts tend to come with higher fees than traditional IRAs – including brokerage fees and the one-time account setup fee – in addition to being responsible for storage and insurance of physical assets.

Precious metals dealers aren’t held to fiduciary standards, so they may recommend investments that generate commissions rather than serving your best interests. Furthermore, when it’s time to sell back gold at less-than-market prices when selling back. Unfortunately, an IRA custodian that will purchase your gold at any time may provide protection from this risk.

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