Can I Buy Gold With My Self Directed IRA?

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Conventional IRAs do not permit physical precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum; to own these assets in your IRA you must create a self-directed IRA with a custodian who specializes in this asset class.


Gold IRAs provide an innovative method of investing in precious metals. However, investors should carefully assess the associated risks and costs such as one-time setup fees, annual maintenance fees, seller markup costs (the difference between spot price and markup price), storage fees, insurance premiums, cash-out costs as well as any cash-in fees.

An IRS-approved custodian can connect you with reliable dealers who sell IRA-compliant bullion and coins; look for those affiliated with industry trade groups such as American Numismatic Association or International Coin and Token Association (ICTA).

Not only should investors keep in mind the costs associated with buying and storing gold, they must also consider any applicable taxes when buying and holding it. The rules governing IRAs mirror traditional retirement accounts: RMDs are taxed as ordinary income; distributions before age 59 1/2 incur an early distribution penalty of 10%. Moreover, physical gold poses difficulties when it comes time to take required minimum distributions (RMDs).


It’s essential that when purchasing gold, it is understood all applicable fees. These may include one-time account setup fees, annual maintenance fees, transaction fees (the markup on spot price of metal that you pay the dealer), storage fees paid to an approved depository and cash-out fees (when closing an account and withdrawing funds).

Assessing the company you are working with is also of utmost importance, as scaled fees can quickly eat into your retirement savings. If these fees have significantly hampered your return rate, it may be wise to switch your gold IRA provider. A great place to begin could be Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals or Noble Gold which all have long histories within the industry and work seamlessly with custodians and depositories to provide seamless service with competitive pricing and an array of precious metal products available for sale.

IRA Custodians

Contrary to conventional IRAs that limit investors to paper assets, top gold IRA companies partner with top custodians so that clients may purchase and store physical precious metals within an IRA account – eliminating risk while giving investors full control of their portfolio.

Precious metals have historically served as a safeguard against market turmoil, which is why many investors choose them as part of their retirement portfolio diversification plan. Furthermore, precious metals tend to retain their value over time, making them an invaluable addition to any investment portfolio.

Selecting a company with reliable buyback options is also crucial, to protect yourself against volatile prices in other markets and make selling simpler. Our Top 3 Precious Metals IRA List features companies with reliable buyback policies so you can rest assured your money will always come back.


Self-directed IRAs allow investors to purchase and store precious metals like gold as diversification to reduce market risk in retirement portfolios.

Investors looking for gold IRA investments have several options available to them, from coins or bars minted according to IRS purity requirements – typically American Gold Eagles and South African Krugerrands – or through dealers who adhere to industry trade groups like ANA or ICTA; many dealers that provide gold IRA investments must abide by specific standards for quality and transparency.

Some companies provide “self-storage IRAs”, which allow you to take physical possession of metals you purchase and thus eliminate costs associated with storage and custodian fees. Unfortunately, this practice violates IRS rules, and eventually they’ll likely take steps against it. It is therefore crucial that you find a custodian with a history of compliance with IRS rules; finding one who will help ensure the success of your gold IRA is paramount.

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