Can I Buy Physical Gold in My Roth IRA?

Gold is an attractive investment that performs well during periods of economic instability and inflation, and adding physical gold to your Roth IRA is easy if you work with an established precious metals IRA company.

These companies can take care of all the paperwork for you and offer an assortment of IRS-approved coins and bars. In addition, they can safely store your precious metals.


Roth IRAs offer tax-free distributions, unlike their traditional counterparts which require taxes when withdrawing money. This is possible because contributions made with after-tax dollars don’t become taxable upon withdrawal.

Physical precious metal investments are an increasingly popular way of diversifying retirement savings. Gold and silver have historically held their value over time. Furthermore, investing in precious metals provides a hedge against inflation as their purchasing power tends to rise when the dollar declines in value.

Self-directed precious metals IRAs allow you to purchase and hold precious metal coins and bullion directly. In order to set one up, however, you’ll need an IRA custodian who allows this form of investment – Birch Gold recommends selecting an A+-rated custodian like these from Better Business Bureau who will assist in opening an account, making purchases, and storing precious metals safely for you.


Physical gold IRAs are individual retirement accounts that hold precious metals directly, such as gold and silver bullion, giving investors more tangible control of their investments while decreasing counter-party risk and providing protection from government overreach into private citizens’ lives.

Gold IRAs are simple and straightforward investments to establish, and provide many advantages over conventional IRAs. Gold’s stability can provide protection from economic turmoil while its hedge against inflation make it an excellent way to manage inflation risk. Plus, unlike stocks and bonds which cannot be easily sold back for cash conversion, gold remains finite in nature yet still offers cash conversion capabilities.

To start your gold IRA journey off right, it’s essential that you find a provider with low minimum deposits, excellent Better Business Bureau ratings and reasonable storage fees. For optimal results we advise working with an experienced precious metals IRA specialist, who will handle the paperwork for you while helping select physical assets based on your individual financial requirements and parameters.


Due to the current economic turmoil, many Americans are taking stock of their priorities and investments strategies, with many turning towards precious metals as an effective means of diversifying retirement portfolios while protecting themselves against inflation and stock market fluctuations.

Gold IRAs can be an attractive investment option, but there are certain regulations to take into account before making your purchase. When shopping for precious metals for your IRA, be sure to work with an established dealer that offers eligible products and provides superior customer service.

If you decide to invest in physical gold, you will first need to find a trusted custodian who will store them securely within an insured facility. Furthermore, there may be fees involved with purchasing, shipping and insuring which can add significant costs to your overall cost of investing in physical gold.

One key consideration in purchasing physical gold is waiting until age 59 1/2 to withdraw it; otherwise, early withdrawal could subject you to taxes and penalties.


Before investing in physical gold, it is essential to take taxes into account. Like other traditional IRA assets, physical gold will be subject to taxation upon withdrawal from your account – unlike stocks, mutual funds and ETFs which generate income or qualify for any tax breaks or deductions; and should you sell more gold than it originally cost then capital gains taxes must also be applied accordingly.

But by buying gold in a Roth IRA, you can avoid paying taxes until retirement and start withdrawing it. Collectibles like metals should also be avoided because the IRS considers them distributions that could incur an early withdrawal penalty of 10% if you are under age 59. Instead, consider finding a self-directed IRA which can store various types of assets including precious metals; make sure they meet IRS standards and are stored safely within an approved depository.

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