Can I Buy Physical Gold With My IRA?

Many individuals inquire whether or not it’s possible to buy physical gold with their IRA. The answer is yes; however, to do so you will require finding an established precious metals IRA company.

These companies will assist in helping you navigate IRS rules, establish your account with an approved custodian/depository, purchase metals for storage purposes and store them.

IRS Rules

The IRS has specific rules regarding precious metals IRAs, so it’s crucial to work with an IRA company who can guide you through these regulations. They should provide clear explanation of which metals can be stored safely within an IRA account and why.

Coins and bullion should be stored separately from other investments, which may incur extra storage and insurance costs. Furthermore, custodians typically charge annual maintenance fees to manage and protect these accounts.

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to diversify their investments across an array of assets, with physical metals like gold being eligible. Contribution limits for this type of account currently stand at $6,500 for most people and $7,500 for those aged 50 or above; additionally, all accounts must be managed by an IRS-approved custodian.


An individual retirement account (IRA) specializing in precious metals will typically be administered by a custodian who purchases and stores it in an IRS-approved depository. Working with such a custodian will allow for guidance as well as ensure your account complies with IRS regulations.

When selecting a custodian, make sure it provides a list of eligible metals and makes price comparison easy. Some custodians even have relationships with dealers to streamline purchasing processes.

Make sure that the custodian offers a buyback option so that if you decide to sell, the costs associated with your investment can be recovered. Also look for companies with minimal one-time fees and annual management costs; storage fees could range anywhere between $10-60 monthly (0.35%-1% annually) so it is wise to understand these costs prior to investing.


While physical gold purchases may seem like an excellent investment option, it is crucial that investors understand all of its associated risks. Although gold itself is not particularly volatile, its low liquidity makes it more challenging to access during times of emergency.

Storage of physical gold can be costly. Many IRA providers charge fees for holding precious metals, which can add up over time. There may also be extra costs associated with protecting and insuring them, sometimes charged by your IRA custodian and sometimes by the dealer who sold you the metals.

If you’re considering opening a gold IRA, work with a reliable company that will guide you through every step of the process. Reputable firms ensure compliance with IRS regulations by setting up your self-directed IRA custodian, choosing an authorized precious metals dealer and storing precious metals safely within depository facilities. In addition, many offer buyback programs so your investments can be sold back at competitive prices more quickly.


Purchase of physical gold through an IRA may incur various fees. Aside from markups on its price per ounce, investors may incur costs related to storage and insurance coverage.

IRS rules stipulate that precious metals stored in an IRA should be held in a depository that meets security and insurance standards. Investors can select their dealer, depository and depositor themselves or have their IRA custodian suggest one for them.

Precious metals IRAs enable retirement investors to diversify their portfolios with physical gold coins and bullion that meets IRS purity requirements, or with ETFs and mutual funds that track performance of an index or basket of gold. While ETFs and mutual funds offer additional diversification potential than physical gold investments, they also introduce greater risk. Collectibles like gold are taxed as capital gains rather than ordinary income, while losses on collectibles may offset capital gains – for these reasons experts recommend keeping precious metals holdings to less than 5- 10% of an IRA holdings.

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