Can I Buy Physical Gold With Roth IRA?

Gold can provide your retirement account with an effective diversification strategy, but prior to investing, be aware of any associated risks and how best to minimize them.

IRAs are retirement accounts that allow you to save tax-deferred, with withdrawals free from tax in retirement. Options available to you include traditional, Roth and rollover IRAs.

Why Buy Physical Gold With Your Roth IRA?

If you are considering purchasing physical gold as part of your retirement savings strategy, it is crucial that you understand how the IRS regulates such investments. This is particularly applicable when investing through a Gold IRA – a self-directed individual retirement account which enables investors to invest in precious metals and other alternative investments which aren’t allowed within traditional IRAs.

One drawback of purchasing physical gold for your IRA is its limited liquidity; to withdraw it, you’d first need to sell it off through a third-party dealer, potentially diminishing its return.

Physical Gold IRAs will incur additional fees such as those related to storage and insurance; it’s wise to research various providers in order to find one with the lowest costs that meets your investment goals.


For investors wishing to add physical gold as part of an IRA, creating a self-directed IRA – an account type allowing more flexibility than traditional ones when investing in various financial products – is necessary. Once opened, finding a broker to purchase metal from, an IRA custodian who will manage and administer your account and an approved depository which will store or hold your actual bullion is required for purchase.

Custodians tend to charge less for storage fees than brokers, yet these charges could erode away at your investments over time.

Like other investments held within an IRA, gold gains won’t be subject to tax until distributions start being taken – an arrangement which could save significant taxes over the long term. However, should you sell more gold than you paid for it at once, capital gains taxes at your regular marginal income tax rate may apply and could reach as high as 20%.


Gold IRAs provide your retirement portfolio with another layer of diversification. By protecting against inflation and maintaining purchasing power over time, they may act as a powerful hedge against uncertainties in both the stock market and economy.

If you choose to invest in physical gold with your IRA, be aware of its safe storage being solely your responsibility and annual storage and insurance costs incurred from doing so – something not applicable with traditional IRAs or other types of investments.

If you want to invest in gold and other precious metals through your IRA, look for a highly rated company with a range of products and services. Augusta Precious Metals provides full-service account opening, buying and selling precious metals securely stored vaults; customer support via email, live online chat and over the phone is also provided with price match guarantees and 24-hour risk free periods available to them.


Physical gold does not generate dividends or interest like stocks or mutual funds do, which could become an issue when reaching RMD age and selling precious metals for cash.

At Lear Capital, their top rated gold IRA company provides their customers with several benefits that help address liquidity concerns – price match guarantees for competing quotes; 24-hour risk-free period to consider purchase before committing; and straightforward online portfolio tracking are among them.

Make sure that you remember that gold IRAs usually involve higher fees than traditional IRA accounts, covering services such as storage for physical gold and account maintenance. Furthermore, some custodians charge additional setup fees when opening new gold IRAs; these expenses could eat into your returns significantly so it’s wise to compare different companies and fees before making your choice.

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