Can I Convert My IRA to Bitcoin?

Long-term investors with higher risk tolerances could find investing in Bitcoin or other cryptos useful, as purchasing and selling these alternative assets avoid capital gains taxes as they are treated like personal property.

Self-directed IRAs allow you to invest in both traditional IRA assets as well as alternative ones – like cryptocurrency – without incurring fees or taxes from third parties. Get in touch with us now for a complimentary consultation to see if your account qualifies!


Investing in cryptocurrency via an IRA adds several extra steps that may increase the complexity of retirement planning. First, you’ll need a custodian who accepts crypto investments and cooperates with exchanges as well as secure storage solutions for your cryptocurrency holdings.

Maintain meticulous records of your purchases, sales and exchanges to avoid tax liabilities. In general, reporting fair market values if making more than $20,000 worth of Bitcoin payments annually or engaging in 200 transactions within any year.

IRS provides attractive tax benefits for investing in retirement accounts (IRAs), including alternative assets like cryptocurrency. But investors must remember that cryptocurrency investment introduces greater risk to your retirement portfolio than traditional stocks and bonds do, so if this type of investment interests you it would be prudent to consult a qualified financial advisor first to understand both risks and rewards associated with cryptocurrency investment.


Bitcoin IRAs offer you numerous advantages that traditional retirement accounts cannot, including potential returns, tax advantages and the freedom of choice.

By investing IRA funds in cryptocurrency, you are taking advantage of the IRS’s classification of crypto as personal property – meaning any gains won aren’t subject to tax until they’re withdrawn in retirement.

An additional advantage of cryptocurrency is protecting savings from inflation. Many digital currencies, including Bitcoin, have hard limits on how many coins will ever be created in total.

Start the rollover process by contacting your former employer’s plan administrator to initiate the rollover. When this is complete, invest your IRA funds in Bitcoin with one of many cryptocurrency IRA companies who serve as middlemen between your IRA and cryptocurrency exchanges, providing secure storage space.

Ease of Use

Rules surrounding how to invest in Bitcoin through an IRA vary based on individual circumstances, so it’s best to seek expert advice for your individual circumstances. In general, you have three main options for contributing: cash contributions, roll over an old retirement account or using backdoor Roth contributions.

Cryptocurrencies don’t depend on our central banking system to perform, making them less volatile than traditional investments. Furthermore, Bitcoin is decentralized cryptocurrency which means it cannot be controlled by government agencies and banks.

Swan’s team of cryptocurrency IRA experts understand the rules surrounding cryptocurrency investing and can assist with creating or shifting existing funds into one. Our focus on transparency means upfront fee breakdowns to make investing simpler; Swan custodians hold your assets legally segregated trust accounts with insurance coverage up to $250M – learn more about opening an IRA with us now.


A Bitcoin IRA allows retirement investors to leverage the incredible growth in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has seen more than twice its initial value increase since late 2017. But before taking the leap, there are a few things they should keep in mind before investing.

Self-directed IRAs differ from conventional IRAs in that they often entail additional fees such as set-up, transaction and account management fees; some also limit how many exchanges an investor can use; price volatility being an ever present concern when investing in Bitcoin IRAs.

Therefore, it is vital that you conduct some thorough research before selecting an investment provider and custodian for your IRA transfer. In addition, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should make up only a small part of a retirement portfolio as over-exposure could lead to major losses; take your risk tolerance, objectives and time frame into consideration before making your choice.

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