Can I Convert My IRA to Bitcoin?

IRAs are retirement accounts approved by the IRS that can offer investors significant tax benefits while being flexible enough to hold many assets such as Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have great upside potential and adding them to a Roth IRA can make sense for both traders and long-term investors. The process is relatively straightforward with only a few key details to keep in mind during implementation.


IRS rules treat cryptocurrency similarly to stocks and bonds; however, its profits held within an IRA are exempt from taxes on gains made over time. This allows investors to take advantage of Bitcoin’s long-term potential while avoiding capital gains taxes in future.

A Bitcoin IRA provider must be licensed and regulated, offering full compliance with IRS regulations and providing safe storage solutions for crypto assets. Some Bitcoin IRA companies even partner with major exchanges to manage purchases and sales transactions.

A reliable broker must have an impressive track record and offer transparent fees structures. Their fee schedule should be clearly provided up-front, and any fees charged per trade or on investment amounts should also be disclosed.

Additionally, your chosen company must offer an in-house team dedicated to rolling over IRAs to Bitcoin. This team should help ensure a seamless transfer process and that all assets are transferred. They should also follow up with your previous IRA provider to ensure the transaction was complete.


Converting your IRA to Bitcoin can incur various fees; specifically, your custodian may assess a management and storage fee which varies based on provider.

Your IRA custodian will charge transaction fees when purchasing or selling cryptocurrency within your account, which can add up over time, particularly if you frequently trade large positions in your portfolio.

Crypto IRAs may offer great investment potential for many investors; however, their introduction can add an extra level of complexity into retirement planning. It is crucial that investors choose a provider who values transparency and offers transparent fee structures.

IRS taxes virtual currencies such as stocks and bonds, so any investment income taxed upon withdrawal could reduce total returns; converting your IRA into a Roth IRA before withdrawing distributions can help mitigate this tax impact and lower total costs.


If you are considering rolling over your IRA funds into Bitcoin, keep in mind that the IRS treats virtual currencies just like stocks and bonds; if you hold on for over one year you’ll have to pay long-term capital gains tax as well as a 10% early withdrawal penalty if withdrawing before age 59 1/2.

However, a Bitcoin IRA allows you to invest in alternative assets not offered through traditional retirement accounts such as precious metals, real estate and cryptocurrency investments. When selecting an IRA custodian that specializes in working with these investments it’s crucial that they possess sufficient experience handling them.

A trusted Bitcoin IRA provider should work with custody or wallet providers that investors trust, while offering multiple trading options and even direct trading without needing third parties. You’ll want to check their fees before investing.


iTrustCapital is an investment firm offering self-directed retirement accounts such as cryptocurrency and precious metals IRAs, transfers and rollovers from other IRAs or employer plans, transfers from other IRAs to its accounts and 24/7 customer support services.

Since 2018, iTrustCapital has provided low trading fees for cryptocurrency and precious metal trading, thanks to being registered with Nevada as a trust company and being subject to their regulations. Their IRA custodial services are provided by Fortress Trust LLC – another reputable Nevada-based custodian and trust provider.

Customers can quickly open an account by following three simple steps on the company website, after which a verification code will be emailed directly to them to authenticate themselves as identity holders and begin investing. Furthermore, customer support via phone and chat are always available around-the-clock; additionally it offers extensive details regarding each cryptocurrency and precious metal including price histories.

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