Can I Have Gold in an IRA?

Can I have gold in an IRA

If you want physical gold in an IRA, you must work with a custodian that will facilitate its inclusion. Standard custodians like Fidelity, Schwab or TD Ameritrade won’t do this; Augusta Precious Metals provides trustworthy custodians that facilitate this process.

Be wary of any fees involved with taking this approach, and remember that gold distributions will be subject to taxes upon retirement.


Whenever opening a gold IRA, make sure the company offers low annual fees, reasonable storage charges and no withdrawal penalties. Furthermore, it must be approved by the IRS as it must manage special documentation needed for these accounts.

An IRA can be an excellent place to invest in gold as it uses pretax dollars and allows the funds to grow tax-deferred until needed for retirement distributions. However, for investors seeking greater flexibility when investing in gold, Roth or SEP Gold IRAs might be more suitable.

At one time, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) did not permit gold as it was considered a collectible, but this changed in 2007 with new legislation permitting physical gold and precious metal investments to be added to an IRA account. Because such investments can be more volatile than stocks and currencies however, it would be prudent to consult a financial advisor before opening one yourself.


The IRS allows gold and other approved precious metals into individual retirement accounts; however, certain restrictions must be observed. An investor will require a custodian and depository to purchase and store them – they cannot buy directly themselves nor store them themselves as this would be considered illegal.

Gold does not produce income like stocks do, with dividends and yields that accrue gradually over time. Therefore, financial, tax and investment professionals strongly advise including it in your portfolio for optimal diversification purposes.

Individuals considering opening a gold IRA should also be mindful of all associated fees for this retirement account type, including markup and storage charges as well as setup/custodian costs. Investors should search for companies offering transparency with all fees disclosed up front to prevent unexpected surprises in the future; also prioritize those that boast proven industry experience and boast strong track records.


Traditional gold IRAs are funded with pretax dollars and allow your assets to grow tax-deferred until you take distributions at retirement. You will incur fees associated with opening and maintaining a gold IRA account; these costs include one-time setup costs, annual custodian and asset fees, storage costs, insurance premiums and cash-out costs.

Due to IRS requirements that precious metals used in an IRA be stored at an authorized depository, you cannot possess physical precious metals yourself. Instead, many people turn to Augusta Precious Metals which works with custodians to coordinate rollover process without penalties or taxes being assessed against your money.

Make sure the company you work with for your gold IRA offers buyback options to reduce any losses due to changing prices over time. By selling back precious metals directly back, this could help offset potential losses that may occur from price declines over time.


Are You an Adherence Fanatic of Physical Metals? Be wary of advertisements from companies offering home storage for precious metals if they appear tempting; be wary as these companies could violate IRS regulations; effectively these firms create LLCs to handle bullion purchases and storage. By acting as custodians they could face stiff fines from the IRS should an audit occur on these precious metals held with them.

As an alternative, work with a gold IRA company with an approved depository for storage purposes. This will ensure your assets are stored safely, secured, and insured – though you will incur fees for these services; they’re much better than taking risks on your own!

Fees associated with precious metal trading accounts typically include one-time account setup, annual maintenance fees, seller fee (markup that varies with precious metal type), storage and insurance costs. Before signing, always inquire about all fees before committing; oftentimes these charges are hidden on websites and require calling them directly in order to receive an itemized list of expenses.

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