Can I Have Gold in an IRA?

Gold is not designed to produce income, making it unsuitable as a retirement fund asset. Furthermore, investing in this single metal may prove volatile over time.

Utilizing pretax money to invest in physical precious metals requires using a special kind of IRA account known as a self-directed IRA, with fees for setup, storage and insurance to set it up and maintain it.


Tax-wise, IRAs are intended to help investors diversify their retirement portfolios and reduce their lifetime tax burden. But depending on which metal you hold in an IRA – physical gold for instance is considered collectible by the IRS and could incur taxes of up to 28%; withdrawals typically fall under ordinary income when reaching retirement age.

Precious metal IRAs can be established as traditional pretax, Roth or self-employed pension (SEP) accounts, with similar contribution limits and penalties for early withdrawal as other IRAs. You can transfer money between other accounts into your precious metal IRA. Note, though, that your gold IRA must only hold physical precious metals (i.e. not paper assets such as stocks or ETFs). Furthermore, storage must occur with an IRS-approved depository.


Gold can be an attractive investment that provides protection from inflation. But before considering investing in precious metals IRAs, it’s essential that you understand how the IRS regulates this asset class.

Keep these key points in mind before opening a gold IRA: (1) you cannot transfer previously held gold into an IRA, and all precious metals IRAs must be funded using pre-tax dollars; and (2) whether traditional or Roth, your gold IRA must follow all the same rules as other retirement accounts such as contribution limits, penalties for early withdrawals and required minimum distributions (RMDs) starting at age 73.

Investors must also be mindful of the fees associated with gold IRAs. These include one-time account setup fees, maintenance and custodian fees and storage fees. Because many gold IRA companies do not disclose all these details online, obtaining this information could require making phone calls.


Gold IRA custodians are companies that oversee precious metals held in an individual retirement account (IRA). They ensure compliance with IRS regulations by keeping records in a secure depository, as well as filing reports with them directly.

Many IRA companies work with custodians they deem provide the highest-quality service to their clients. This could create a conflict of interest as an IRA company may receive commissions for its services provided.

An ideal gold IRA custodian should possess extensive experience handling precious metals. Furthermore, they should provide you with depository options and answer any of your queries regarding the process.

As well as fees charged by an IRA custodian, it’s also wise to factor in storage and insurance costs. While storage fees may appear minimal at first glance, over time they can add up when compared with wholesale metal prices on the open market. Also keep in mind that cashing out gold could cost less than initially purchased due to discounts from dealers when cashing it in at its full value.


To withdraw gold from an IRA, certain requirements must be fulfilled. First, to avoid taxes and penalties, you must be at least 59 and a half years old and use an approved custodian. Finally, required minimum distributions (RMDs) based on your age must also be taken.

The IRS mandates that your precious metals must be stored safely and securely. Violating regulations by self-dealing or self-storing gold IRA assets at home could result in severe fines.

To avoid such risks, it is best to select a reliable company with competitive pricing and impartial education. Be wary of companies using high-pressure sales tactics; look for transparent account management. They should provide secure storage options with 24-hour surveillance and private insurance; in addition, opting for cash distribution rather than in-kind delivery will save on transaction fees and storage costs.

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