Can I Have Gold in My IRA?

Gold has long been associated with financial security in times of economic instability, though physical coins and bullion held in an IRA must adhere to distribution timing rules like other assets held within Traditional or Roth IRAs.

Fees associated with purchasing and selling IRA-eligible gold products through distributors like U.S. Money Reserve must also be covered, such as account setup charges, annual maintenance charges, insurance premiums and storage expenses.


Gold IRAs provide investors with the chance to diversify their retirement portfolio with physical precious metal investments without incurring tax when withdrawing them – potentially offering substantial tax savings when withdrawing them later on.

Gold purchased with an IRA must be stored with a custodian that accepts purchases eligible for that account, taking care to meet all paperwork, storage, and insurance requirements to protect and comply with IRS rules. A reliable company will do just that – taking care to safeguard both you and your investment while meeting IRS rules!

Gold investing can be an effective way to protect savings against inflation and economic recession. But before diving in headfirst, it’s essential to carefully consider its associated risks – too much money in one asset class can be dangerous if that investment loses value; to prevent that scenario happening to yourself it would be wise to consult financial and legal professionals prior to opening an IRA (individual retirement account) so as to craft an optimal plan tailored specifically to your unique circumstances and goals.


As with other IRA investments, physical gold (and other precious metals) distributed in retirement may be taxed; therefore it’s wise to consult with financial, tax and legal professionals prior to selecting a strategy that’s tailored specifically for you.

Your IRA custodian may charge fees to store and manage your precious metals; unlike home safes or safe deposit boxes which do not impose such fees. Over time these costs could become significant – particularly if your precious metal holdings include large quantities of gold.

As well as ongoing fees associated with maintaining your Gold IRA, a one-time account setup fee may also apply. While traditional IRA custodians like Fidelity, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade will not accommodate physical gold in your IRA, you’ll likely require one that specializes in self-directed Gold IRAs like American Bullion and APMEX instead – these companies usually charge higher fees but may provide better services overall.


Gold can be an essential asset in an unpredictable retirement portfolio. But like any investment, physical gold incurs fees that eat away at its potential returns. To open a Gold IRA with Fidelity or Schwab would require extra fees; to open one with self-directed IRA custodian specializing in these kinds of investments would charge fees to set up and maintain your account, in addition to transaction and commission costs on purchases or sales of these precious metals.

Gold IRAs require you to purchase and store physical assets, which adds costs. Furthermore, there may be fees related to buying gold from dealers (varying depending on dealer pricing) which increases how much it must appreciate in order to generate profits for you.


Gold has long been recognized as an asset that provides protection from economic uncertainty, offering diversification to portfolios otherwise overly focused on stocks and bonds. Investors should first become acquainted with any applicable IRS rules or fees before considering adding physical gold holdings into their retirement accounts.

Investing in either a traditional or Roth gold IRA means your distributions during retirement are subject to income tax; however, you won’t be required to pay any upfront taxes as with other types of IRA investments.

Investors should take note of one-time setup and maintenance fees, storage fees (for keeping gold at an approved depository), selling fees and cash-out costs when investing. Over time these charges could add up quickly so it’s essential that you find a trustworthy custodian with a history of keeping your precious metals secure; additionally, whether or not to store gold with someone is another important decision.

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