Can I Hold Gold in My IRA?

Can I hold gold in my IRA

Gold and other physical precious metals may be held in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), but the process can be complex and expensive, not to mention taxes and dividends compared to stocks and mutual funds.

Remember that precious metal IRAs don’t provide the same diversification benefits as stock portfolios.


IRAs are among the most widely held retirement accounts, yet each comes with its own set of tax rules. You’ll pay taxes when withdrawing money from either a traditional or Roth account; how much you can save each year depends on both your taxable income and whether your workplace retirement plan offers similar protection such as 401(k).

Numerous brokerage firms provide Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), such as Charles Schwab and Fidelity. Some also offer automated advisors that can manage investments on your behalf with lower fees and maintenance costs.

Self-employed and small business owners may consider SEP or SIMPLE IRAs with higher contribution limits than regular IRAs, payroll deduction IRAs that allow you to set aside money from each paycheck and invest it in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, and an annual income limitation when deducting traditional and Roth IRA contributions, though those amounts increase with age.


When investing in gold, finding a reliable custodian is essential. These financial firms will keep records and report to the IRS about your account while handling disbursements and storing physical metals securely. In order to own certain coins or bullion in an IRA account, these financial firms must be approved by them first.

Some gold IRA companies will recommend or require you to use a specific custodian, while it’s up to you to do your own research to find one best suited to you. Look for an established firm with experience handling precious metals IRAs.

Your custodian must have access to reliable dealers for gold purchases, and be willing to accept rare or collectible coins that meet a minimum fineness level of 99.5% such as American Eagle bullion coins but not South African Krugerrands or British Sovereigns. When selecting an IRA custodian, be sure to ask what metals they accept as well as storage policies. As per IRS rules, only rare collectible coins with fineness levels of 99.5% can be included (ie American Eagle bullion). Additionally, coins with fineness levels above 99.5% such as American Eagle bullion coins but not South African Krugerrands or British Sovereigns can be allowed – these rules also include American Eagle bullion coins!


IRAs allow individuals to save earned income tax-deferred for retirement. There are various kinds of IRAs, such as traditional, Roth, SEP and SIMPLE accounts; self-employed workers and small business owners can open SEP IRAs which allow for higher contribution limits ($25 per pay period or $66,000 by 2022).

Note the exclusive benefit rule when dealing with your IRA: you, your spouse and any disqualified parties should not reap personal gains from transactions that involve their IRA investments, which is known as the exclusive benefit rule. Anyone unaware of or desiring more from their investments than allowed under law risks jeopardizing their retirement savings by engaging in prohibited transactions.

Avoid dealing with disqualified persons as much as possible; additionally, investment advice providers that charge commission-based compensation structures or receive payment based on a percentage of account value must be avoided as these compensation structures violate federal retirement account laws unless your adviser meets exemption criteria.


Gold IRAs allow investors to invest in physical precious metals tax-free. You can fund it using pretax contributions, with withdrawals tax-free as long as they meet minimum distribution age requirements. Unfortunately, however, unlike investing in stocks which generate dividends, gold IRAs do not produce passive income like stocks do.

An excellent gold IRA company should provide impartial educational materials that explain how physical precious metals have performed over history and different economic environments. These can typically be found on the company website.

Gold IRAs can be established as either traditional or Roth individual retirement accounts. Traditional IRAs impose taxes on withdrawals while Roth IRAs don’t. Gold is seen as a safe-haven asset that protects against inflation while providing good returns; but keep in mind its non-liquid properties may make long-term holding important; in addition, be mindful of any extra fees involved with opening and closing an IRA with precious metals.

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