Can I Invest in Gold in My IRA?

Gold IRAs (precious metals IRAs) allow investors to use their retirement funds to buy precious metals such as gold. Such investments provide diversification benefits by increasing in value when stocks decline and may help protect against inflation.

Before making your choice, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Taxes that should be considered when investing in precious metal IRAs include those related to storage, insurance and any fees associated with physical gold. Investors will also incur some initial setup costs with their chosen custodian; the exact amount can differ depending on which firm is chosen as custodian.

For investors seeking more liquid investment options, they could also choose gold mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track gold prices as a more convenient means of diversifying an IRA portfolio. These don’t require physical storage space either!

Gold investment can provide an anchor during times of economic uncertainty, diversify retirement portfolios and protect against inflation. When selecting a gold IRA provider, look for one with a reputation for transparency and competitive pricing; ensure it charges no ancillary fees and offers impartial customer education services; also verify whether or not your investments are insured against potential risks.


Gold has long been considered an effective investment during times of economic instability and volatility. Additionally, its inflation-fighting properties make it a good hedge. Nevertheless, precious metals should be seen as concentrated investments which do not offer dividends or earnings like stocks mutual funds and ETFs do.

To invest in physical gold through an IRA, first establish a self-directed IRA with an administrator that allows alternative investments and then find an expert dealer who specializes in gold (your custodian may suggest one). Furthermore, as the IRS considers certain forms of gold coins to be collectibles they must also comply with tax code when purchased and stored within an IRA.

Find a company with transparent pricing for purchases and storage fees that is easily understood. A reputable firm should offer to buy back gold at its current market prices while providing educational resources and superior customer service.


Gold has long been recognized as an asset with strong long-term value that serves as a “safe-haven”. Furthermore, many investors use gold as a hedge against inflation.

However, owning physical gold in an IRA does have its drawbacks. First off, the IRS mandates that any physical gold purchased for an IRA be stored at an approved depository and vault that meets specific security and insurance standards; storage costs can eat into returns significantly. Also note that gold doesn’t produce income or dividends; so this investment requires patience as you wait for its price to increase over time.

Due to these considerations, it’s often best to invest in precious metals funds rather than purchasing physical gold for an IRA. By doing this, you avoid incurring high ancillary fees and tax considerations associated with owning physical gold. Check out our FREE buyer beware guide on identifying deceptive Gold IRA dealers!


Precious metals typically exhibit low correlations with stocks and bonds, providing portfolio diversification benefits. Gold may even serve as an effective hedge against inflation.

Contrary to stocks, which provide investors with dividends and interest income, precious metals don’t offer this source of passive income. But investors can gain exposure without needing to store physical metals by purchasing gold-backed shares in mining companies or ETFs that give exposure.

When selecting a precious metals dealer, take note of their fees for account setup, ancillary charges and storage. It is crucial that you find a company offering transparent pricing with competitive buyback options at fair rates; also ensure they possess all of the required certifications and credentials so as to conduct ethically – download our Buyer Beware Guide to learn how to identify deceptive gold IRA dealers!

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