Can I Invest My IRA in an LLC?

Can I invest my IRA in an LLC

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, may invest in an LLC as long as its activity complies with IRA investment rules. Withdrawals before age 59 1/2 may incur ordinary income tax and an additional 10% penalty tax.

An IRA LLC may invest in real estate as long as they do not purchase properties owned by their IRA owner, their spouse, descendants or entities they control as this would violate IRA prohibited transaction rules.


Clients who self-direct their retirement funds often choose an LLC as their investment vehicle of choice, as this enables them to manage all investments themselves without going through the custodian each time. An LLC provides many advantages when investing in real estate or alternative assets as it gives the IRA owner control of all transactions themselves and without going through their custodian.

An IRA account holder may also serve as the LLC manager, giving them control of investment activities of the LLC and providing them with access to its checkbook control structure.

IRA LLCs are often utilized for real estate and private equity investments; however, they can also be utilized for an array of other investments as long as the asset meets certain requirements. For example, an IRA could invest in residential and commercial real estate properties, raw land from single family to multi-family homes, contracts for sale/lease options contracts as long as it abides with laws surrounding Self-Directed IRAs.

Asset Protection

Investment in an LLC offers several unique protections not found with other investments, with its primary advantage being protection of owner assets from personal liability if the business becomes bankrupt; meaning, as an owner you won’t be responsible for debt or judgments accrued against it.

LLCs also allow investors to report profits directly on their individual tax returns instead of having them taxed as corporate earnings – saving money on taxes while opening up more deductions and credits.

Separating your IRA funds from personal assets is also beneficial in increasing asset protection, and some states provide extra safeguards against creditor attacks. Nevada law affords extra protection by permitting members to utilize a legal procedure called charging order as an extra layer of defense from creditors – this charge usually only comes into play if a business fails to pay a judgment in full.


Self-directed investors frequently prefer IRA LLCs for their investments as it gives them checkbook control of their account without going through a custodian. This makes investing easier in hands-on activities such as real estate flipping or renting and may save on fees.

The IRS treats LLCs as pass-through entities, meaning any gains or income earned by an IRA LLC is taxed directly back to its owner as long as no prohibited transactions with disqualified parties occur. It’s essential to remember this when creating an IRA LLC as you don’t want funds commingled with your personal assets or invested in companies which violate prohibited transaction rules.

Note that while an IRA can be used to own property held in an LLC, certain types of properties cannot be purchased using one. These include life insurance policies, collectibles, alcohol beverages, and precious metal coins or bullion of insufficient purity.


LLC investments provide an effective means of protecting assets and mitigating personal liability for investors who require confidentiality in making real estate investments in local markets.

An IRA may own 100% or participate as one member in an LLC, such as when taking stakes in closely-held family businesses or farms; buying apartments buildings; and other commercial real estate properties.

Establishing an investment LLC requires compliance with IRS regulations regarding disqualified parties and prohibited transactions. Furthermore, an LLC will need to file Articles of Organization and open up a bank account. Lastly, an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) number will need to be assigned so it can answer questions like who owns whom and identify entities engaging in financial transactions.

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