Can I Move My IRA Into Gold?

Addition of physical gold to an IRA allows investors to diversify their retirement portfolio with long-term protection against inflation. An IRA provider will guide clients through the process of opening an account, selecting metals and securing storage facilities.

This can be accomplished either directly or indirectly; direct rollover is often preferred to reduce paperwork and potential IRS penalties.


Gold can bring several benefits to an IRA portfolio: diversification, tax advantages and protection against inflation. Gold IRAs come in two varieties – traditional or Roth. While traditional precious metals IRAs allow you to contribute with pretax dollars before retirement; Roth accounts allow contributions with post-tax dollars that allow withdrawals without paying any taxes at that point in time.

No matter which precious metals IRA you select, you have access to an assortment of investments such as bullion and coins. Bullion represents pure gold while coins issued by governments hold both collectible value and intrinsic worth.

Before purchasing precious metals, however, funds must first be transferred from an IRA or 401(k) into the new account – this process is known as rollover; gold IRA companies will facilitate this institution-to-institution transfer of funds and then send your precious metals directly to depository storage facilities for safe keeping.


As part of your transition from your retirement account into a Gold IRA, either direct transfers will occur or checks will be sent directly into it for deposit into it by yourself. When this money lands in your IRA account, you can then purchase precious metals through an established dealer specializing in gold IRAs – fees for this process typically include one-time account setup charges, annual maintenance costs, seller’s fees (a markup on spot price gold), storage fees and even insurance to cover theft or damage at depository facilities.

Gold IRAs don’t pay dividends like stocks do, which may make them less appealing to some investors. But gold can offer other advantages, including its long-term growth potential and global acceptance; plus it is less vulnerable to market fluctuations than many other forms of investments.


When choosing a gold IRA custodian, make sure it has all of the required licenses and insurance to safeguard your investments. Also ensure the company offers superior customer service – Augusta Precious Metals and New Direction IRA are two highly-reviewed gold IRA companies which provide clients with comprehensive support services.

Your chosen custodian will manage and oversee your precious metals IRA, helping you find the most competitive prices on coins, bars and bullion while meeting minimum purity requirements for gold and silver. Finally, they will transport and store physical precious metals safely within an IRA depository facility.

They will send regular statements and updates regarding your investments, as well as provide you with a list of qualified precious metals dealers to work with and purchase your precious metals from. Reputable precious metals dealers often have relationships with custodians and may recommend them.


When rolling over retirement funds into a gold IRA, make sure that you work with an established broker and custodian. This will ensure your investment complies with IRS rules; competitive pricing with clear fees should also be sought out.

Your chosen company will facilitate this transfer by reaching out to your current IRA or 401(k) custodian and asking that funds be moved over into your gold IRA account within 60 days. Otherwise, tax penalties may apply.

Once funds have been transferred, your gold will be delivered to a secure depository for storage. Although some companies claim you can store metals at home, this may present security risks. When selecting a company to work with make sure they have a solid track record with positive customer reviews and experience in the industry.

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