Can I Put Gold in My IRA?

Gold can be an effective way to diversify your retirement account portfolio, but beware of fees and regulations involved.

An IRA provides tax-advantaged savings vehicles to anyone earning income, and contributions and growth are tax-deferred until withdrawals occur during retirement.


Precious metals can make an excellent addition to an IRA, with certain important considerations. First and foremost, you must work with an authorized company that stores and sells precious metals for your IRA account. You should also have an understanding of IRS rules surrounding precious metals within an IRA as well as fees involved with owning physical gold.

Investment in precious metals IRAs can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Before opening one, however, always consult with a tax specialist first.

Self-directed IRAs (Gold IRAs), also known as self-directed retirement accounts (RRAS), allow you to purchase precious metals and alternative investments not available through traditional IRAs or 401(k) plans. You can either open a new account or transfer funds from existing retirement accounts into your self-directed Gold IRA; annual contributions can reach $6,500; those over 50 can contribute an extra $7,000. However, keep in mind that precious metals incur high storage and insurance fees that must also be factored into any potential contribution amounts.


Gold IRAs provide investors with an effective means of diversifying their investments with precious metals, but you will incur certain fees in opening and maintaining one – these fees include transaction, storage and closing costs.

Transaction fees or commission transaction charges are passed from your IRA administrator to the bullion or coin dealer who makes purchases on your behalf and typically total about $40.

Storage charges for precious metals IRAs are another charge passed along from your IRA company to an approved depository, since precious metals are physical commodities prone to theft. Reputable gold IRA companies use secure facilities and carry insurance policies against this risk, in addition to offering online dashboards for monitoring performance. By keeping informed on its performance you can make more informed decisions for your future.


Your existing traditional, Roth, SIMPLE or SEP retirement accounts could also serve as the perfect place for investing in physical gold and other precious metals IRAs; simply make sure that their custodian permits such investments; some types of gold bullion or coins could fall under IRS’ collector rules and violate your IRA agreement if purchased as collectibles.

Be mindful of all fees related to buying and selling gold for your IRA, such as setup charges, annual maintenance charges, seller markup on spot market price of gold, storage fees (payable to an approved depository), insurance costs and cash-out fees (the charge that comes with closing an IRA account).

Gold can be an effective hedge against inflation and way to build wealth over time, but before making this choice it’s essential that you consult a financial advisor and tax professional in order to assess whether this type of investing fits with your specific circumstances.


When investing in physical gold and precious metal investments, safe storage is essential. Reputable companies usually employ IRS-approved depository storage providers; their annual storage fees start as little as $150 annually.

Storing precious metals at home may be tempting, but this option comes with risks. The IRS prohibits taking personal possession of IRA assets; doing so could trigger distribution penalties or lead to an audit.

Many investors choose to store their precious metals at home because it offers quick access to their investments and allows for tangible investments they can touch and feel. Unfortunately, storing IRA gold at home is illegal; should the IRS discover your secretive storage activity they could impose serious fines and taxes as well as increased theft risks and loss.

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