Can I Put Physical Gold in My IRA?

Can I put physical gold in my IRA

Gold has quickly become an incredibly sought-after asset due to its ability to hedge against inflation. Although owning precious metals in an IRA offers numerous benefits, there may also be certain restrictions you need to be mindful of.

Investors looking to purchase physical gold through an IRA must open a self-directed retirement account with an administrator that allows for this type of transaction. Additional fees will incur including one-time setup and annual custodian fees.


Numerous Gold IRA investors seek to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals, but like stocks and currencies, their value can fluctuate significantly and storage adds further costs to overall costs.

Furthermore, selling physical precious metals to cash out an IRA isn’t simple: first you must find a buyer willing to offer market price for your asset and then pay an additional transfer fee from an approved depository to your wallet or bank account.

Finally, when investing in precious metals you must pay several fees: an initial setup fee, annual maintenance fees, storage fees, seller’s markup (markup on spot price of gold) and insurance policies to cover loss in transit. All these expenses can quickly add up; sometimes exceeding even your purchase price itself and require a very long time horizon to recover initial investment.


If you decide to invest in physical gold through an IRA, anticipate more costs than brokerage fees and account maintenance expenses alone. Storage, insuring, and seller markup expenses could all come into play as you purchase this precious commodity.

Fees associated with metal ownership in an IRA account can add up quickly if you purchase multiple times or select premium products, often outstripping their benefits. In certain instances, additional fees may outweigh them and become prohibitively costly to owning physical metals in this way.

Once again, while it can be tempting to dive headlong into investing with gold IRAs, it’s essential that you do your research and understand all of its costs before committing. Make sure that any losses or taxes associated with investing can be accommodated, as well as understand any advantages or disadvantages related to owning such an IRA. Furthermore, consulting a fee-only financial planner would be wise before making major decisions about retirement planning.


Gold IRA custodians are companies responsible for safeguarding your precious metal assets in an IRA account, and therefore should be selected carefully and with care. You need a trustworthy provider so as to achieve optimal investing experience. To this end, be sure to choose an established and dependable custodian when opening one for yourself.

American Hartford Gold is among the top gold IRA providers, providing competitive pricing and fees, comprehensive customer education resources, financial planning services and storage options such as Delaware Depository or Brink’s Global Services.

Goldco Precious Metals is another top gold IRA provider with low minimum investment requirements and excellent service. Their account representatives are knowledgeable on all kinds of IRAs, helping you select your investment metals accordingly and assist in the transfer of existing retirement accounts into one gold IRA account. Plus, they’ll even give you a complimentary guide that’ll get your precious metals IRA underway!


As with other IRAs, gold IRAs follow the same withdrawal regulations as traditional or Roth IRAs; taking precious metals out may incur taxes and penalties depending on your age and type of account.

Close out a gold IRA by transferring physical precious metals from its custodian to another depository or facility – this process may incur additional fees depending on who handles your transfer and where the gold will be stored.

As is true for any other IRA, gold IRA custodians will charge annual costs and fees associated with transactions and assets, though these may be higher due to investing in an alternative asset like gold. Also unlike stocks and bonds which pay dividends, unlike investing in gold you won’t see tax-advantaged growth like more traditional investments like stocks. You will have to hold it long term using “buy and hold” strategies in order to reap returns.

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