Can I Roll My 401k Into a Crypto IRA?

Cryptocurrency has seen immense popularity over recent years and can add great value to a retirement portfolio. Unfortunately, its volatility can make many wary about adding it as part of their plan.

IRAs provide ample flexibility for this emerging asset class. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can convert your 401k into a crypto IRA and choose an appropriate custodian.

401k Rollover

A crypto IRA allows you to invest your retirement savings in digital currency. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology for transaction verification and are decentralized compared to fiat money; some even come with limited supply making them less susceptible to inflation.

Rolling funds from an employer-sponsored plan into a crypto IRA allows you to diversify your portfolio with numerous investments, including cryptocurrency. Furthermore, your crypto IRA allows you to earn staking rewards tax free at the time of earning them!

To convert your 401(k) into a crypto IRA, it’s essential that you work with an IRA custodian that supports this investment option. At Coin IRA, our specialists are adept at working within the IRS’s one-rollover-per-year rule and will contact your former employer directly for a direct transfer of assets into your new crypto IRA account. After which, we’ll set up your LLC shell so you can purchase and store cryptocurrency assets.

Traditional IRA

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset used to make payments or purchases of goods and services, similar to traditional currencies but without being tied to any particular nation or market. Furthermore, its operations run without government regulation on an open public ledger known as blockchain.

Investing in cryptocurrency through either your Roth or traditional IRA and using a self-directed custodian is possible. These custodians generally provide an extensive list of cryptos for you to select; however, they may not have as much experience with their specific nuances and risks.

AltoIRA provides cryptocurrency IRA services that can help diversify your retirement savings portfolio while helping you avoid capital gains tax when selling crypto assets. They offer a selection of alternative coins at industry competitive fees with low minimum investment requirements; their system is fully compliant with ERISA regulations, too, offering you dedicated account representative.

Roth IRA

Cryptocurrency investments are speculative investments that do not guarantee an increase in value; these digital currencies do not come backed by any government or central authority and could lose value, making investing in cryptocurrency an IRA risky proposition.

Viva offers self-directed IRA LLCs (SDIRAs), providing unrestricted access to cryptocurrency strategies and markets such as Masternode investments, Staking, Lending and DeFi portfolios. Our IRAs enable you to take full advantage of their potential for extraordinary returns while still enjoying tax advantages that traditional retirement accounts don’t provide.

While cryptocurrency investments may be risky, their returns could be truly extraordinary – making a crypto IRA an attractive option for many investors. When selecting an appropriate custodian and security measures when opening one though, as well as understanding their legal framework and how this impacts retirement accounts is key.

Self-Directed IRA

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to invest in nontraditional assets besides stocks, mutual funds, bonds and ETFs such as cryptocurrency, real estate, precious metals or private placements.

Self-Directed IRAs allow you to circumvent some of the fees associated with custodian-controlled accounts, but beware any investments which could violate IRS restrictions and result in irreparable tax ramifications. Prohibited transactions could easily derail any tax advantages your account might provide.

Cryptocurrencies are highly unpredictable assets known for their rapid price increases over short time frames, making them unsuitable as retirement portfolio staples. Instead, crypto may work best as part of your overall investment portfolio’s more conservative components. At The Nabers Group we can help you set up a self-directed IRA so you can invest in crypto – reach out now to learn more!

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