Can I Roll My IRA Into Gold?

One of the easiest and simplest ways to invest in gold is via a self-directed gold IRA. Augusta Precious Metals or Noble Gold Investments are two trustworthy precious metals IRA providers that can guide you through this process quickly, easily, and compliant with IRS regulations.

There are two methods available to you for moving funds between accounts, direct rollover and indirect rollover. Both may be managed by an expert custodian.


A 401(k) is one of the most popular retirement accounts, and many investors add gold to it to diversify their portfolio, protect against inflation and depreciation and lower risks. To convert your 401(k) into a gold IRA, find a custodian who works with physical precious metals so your gold can be safely held while providing all necessary documentation and receipts as proof that it belongs to you.

Before rolling over your funds directly or indirectly, it’s essential that you decide between direct or indirect rollover. Direct rollover involves moving funds directly from one account to the other without making mistakes that could incur taxes and penalties from the IRS; alternatively, an indirect rollover involves having distributions sent directly to you before depositing them into your gold IRA account.


If you own a 403(b) plan from your previous employer and want to diversify into gold, the process should be straightforward: Simply find an appropriate IRA custodian and dealer of physical metals to secure the investment for you.

Your first decision in rolling your 403(b) should be whether to convert it to either a self-directed IRA or precious metals IRA. While one allows for investing in any asset other than real estate and life insurance policies, while another is intended only for investing in approved precious metals products.

Once your rollover has been completed, your new IRA allows you to start investing in physical gold and other precious metals as an excellent diversification strategy against fiat currency risk while maintaining purchasing power – something precious metals have historically provided as protection from inflation.

Traditional IRA

Are You Searching for an Investment Solution with Less Volatility and Volatility Risk? A Traditional or Roth IRA Gold Rollover May Be Right For You If so, considering what is important to your individual risk tolerance and long-term goals before considering moving your 401(k) savings over to Gold IRA Rollover may be ideal for your situation.

Once you’ve established a gold IRA account, it’s essential that you work with an experienced precious metals IRA company. Doing so will ensure you receive competitive prices for your investments while following IRS rules for eligible metals.

There are two ways of rolling over an IRA gold account. Either direct transfer from your current IRA provider directly into your new one; or indirect rollover whereby you withdraw and deposit them yourself into your new account. Both options offer tax benefits and provide protection from economic uncertainty; in either case, investing in gold is an asset which can be held and redeemed whenever needed.

Roth IRA

Rolling your Roth IRA savings into gold can offer the chance to diversify your retirement savings portfolio in ways other than stocks and the economy, providing a much-needed buffer in times of economic instability. Gold’s value also keeps its worth over time as an enduring store of wealth.

Your funds can be moved into a gold IRA either directly or indirectly. With direct rollover, the custodian sends the funds straight from their current custodian into your new one without you touching them; or by withdrawing and then depositing within 60 days to avoid taxes (and possibly incurring an additional 10% penalty if under 59.5).

No matter which rollover method you select, it is essential that you work with an established metals company with outstanding customer support – such as Augusta Precious Metals who offers an easy process and comprehensive educational materials to get you going quickly and smoothly.

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