Can I Store My Gold IRA at Home?

When investing in precious metals, working with an expert is paramount. Not only can they assist with selecting suitable metals to invest in but they can also offer insights into storage solutions.

The Internal Revenue Service requires all IRA assets be stored with an approved custodian; failing to do so could incur severe tax penalties.


Many investors see home storage of gold IRAs as an economical solution; it may save on setup, transaction and custodian fees; however if discovered by the IRS they could penalise you with additional taxes and fines.

Even with a high-quality home security system in place, your precious metals could still be stolen. Even worse, natural disasters could decimate IRA assets at home – and most homeowner insurance policies only cover limited coverage for valuables. So if you are thinking of storing gold at home for any length of time, please reconsider as IRS regulations on precious metal IRAs create strict criteria you must fulfill to store your investments at home (with an exception being set up an LLC and controlling purchases yourself – though putting precious metals in a safe or safety deposit box would violate this rule – please don’t do it!


With global economic uncertainty becoming ever-more precarious, many individuals are seeking ways to protect their retirement savings with precious metals like gold IRAs. While storing gold at home poses risks that must be considered beforehand.

One risk associated with owning gold is its potential theft or loss. While you can protect it with a home security system, burglars and other criminals could still gain entry and steal it; additionally, home insurance typically only covers part of its value when investing in precious metals.

Home storage may breach IRS regulations. If discovered, you could face severe fines. It is vital to follow their rules and store your IRA assets with an authorized depository to avoid legal fines and charges while enjoying peace of mind knowing your assets are secure.


Internet ads claim you can store precious metals at home easily, yet if you attempt to do this you will violate IRS regulations as it is illegal for an IRA holder to keep gold at home without approval of an IRS-approved custodian.

Failing to do this could result in your IRA being audited, and potentially incurring serious penalties. Therefore, it is advisable to work with an established metals dealer and custodian.

Reputable dealers and custodians will recommend an IRS-approved storage facility and help file paperwork to comply with all of its requirements. Furthermore, many have relationships with storage facilities to expedite shipment and storage processes on behalf of their clients, saving time and money while making it much simpler when the time comes for liquidating their assets.


Professional facilities offer the ideal storage options for precious metals within an IRA, particularly more costly investments such as gold bullion bars and coins.

A reliable self-directed IRA custodian should offer several storage options to suit any situation, so you can choose the one best suited to you. Keep in mind, however, that physical precious metals cannot be stored outside an approved IRA storage facility, as doing so would violate federal prohibited transaction laws designed to avoid conflicts of interest and self-dealing among investors in an IRA account.

Home storage gold IRA advocates often propose creative workarounds to avoid this rule, such as setting up a “checkbook LLC” to hold and buy gold assets in an IRA. Unfortunately, such strategies still put your tax-advantaged status at risk and could incur steep IRS fines should any assets be discovered by authorities.

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