Can I Take Physical Delivery of Gold in an IRA?

Can I take physical delivery of gold in IRA

An Individual Retirement Account that holds IRS-approved precious metals, the gold IRA can be opened either with cash or transferred over from another IRA.

Gold IRAs may only contain physical coins or bars that meet specific fineness requirements, and must be stored at an approved depository – home storage would constitute distribution, which could incur penalties under 59.5.


Gold IRAs provide investors with a safe and reliable investment option, due to gold’s tangible nature; unlike stocks and bonds, its value does not fluctuate as quickly. Furthermore, investing in one provides tax advantages.

Investors can store their precious metals either at home or pay a storage fee to an established gold dealer for safe keeping. When searching for lenders who provide secure storage facilities and insured deliveries, it’s essential that investors find reliable lenders.

Traditional gold IRAs require that you make pretax contributions that reduce your taxable income for the year in which they were made and taxed at your ordinary income rate when withdrawing funds from them. Roth gold IRAs allow investors to invest after-tax dollars without incurring additional taxes or penalties when withdrawing them.


Precious metals IRA companies vary greatly in terms of transparency when it comes to fees, so uncovering all of them requires doing your homework. You should expect to incur account application and transfer fees, metal markup costs and storage/insurance expenses when investing.

Dependent upon your investment goals, gold-backed ETFs or IRA-approved mining stocks could offer more investment choices and be less expensive than purchasing and storing physical precious metals.

Investors who stray from the rules by keeping their IRA-approved gold at home could face distribution penalties and taxes on its distribution, along with losing tax-deferred benefits and potentially paying back income taxes from when it was taken into their possession. To avoid making this costly error, work with a reliable brand offering comprehensive investment options and outstanding customer service; along with transparent pricing for products and services.


For tax compliance, gold IRA investments must be stored in an IRS-approved depository – not in your safe or bank deposit box.

Your storage fee at a depository typically includes insurance costs; when taking required minimum distributions in kind, shipping fees will likely also apply.

If you want to invest in precious metals IRA, find a firm without brokerage or account setup fees, along with all required licenses, registrations, insurances and bonds that ensure your investment will remain safe.

Birch Gold Group works with several trusted depositories to store IRA-compliant bullion and coins safely, while providing access to a dedicated precious metals specialist who is on hand for any questions that arise.


An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, offers investors the potential for outstanding returns. But it can be easy to be taken in by its glitter and invest at its peak price – leaving yourself exposed if prices decline sharply.

Trustworthy precious metals specialists should offer an investor kit with information on IRS rules regarding precious metals investments, while reliable custodians provide storage and insurance fees.

Your company should also offer a buyback program, enabling you to sell back precious metals at wholesale rates at any point should required minimum distributions be required; the best companies make this process seamless for their clients.

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