Can I Use My IRA to Buy Gold?

Can I use my IRA to buy gold

Traditional IRA accounts allow investors to invest in precious metals that comply with IRS rules, yet opening and managing such accounts is more complex than usual; opening one requires working with a gold dealer, an IRA custodian and depository.

Traditional investments, like stocks and bonds, may also be held within an IRA account; however, this could decrease diversification opportunities.


An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a tax-advantaged personal pension account used by investors to diversify their portfolios and protect themselves against inflation. There may also be certain taxes associated with buying gold with an IRA account.

Under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), investments in collectibles are not permitted as an IRA investment due to speculation risk-taking concerns. Nonetheless, traditional IRA holders can invest in physical gold by opening an account with one of several providers offering gold IRA accounts.

Companies providing self-directed IRA accounts provide easy ways for investors to transfer funds directly to precious metal dealers while also offering storage at an IRS-approved depository for IRA-eligible precious metals. Fees may be high; however, for investors looking for direct purchases via an IRA. Additional investments for gold include mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) investing directly in gold.


When investing gold with your IRA, make sure that the company you work with possesses all necessary licenses, registrations, insurance policies and bonds necessary for protection. Furthermore, verify the authenticity of their products while watching for signs of high pressure sales tactics or directives to “buy now”.

A precious metals IRA allows investors to purchase physical precious metals like gold and silver using either pretax or Roth money, using pretax or Roth funds. These accounts require a custodian such as a bank or brokerage firm for management; many larger retirement account providers do not provide this option, so finding one specifically focused on precious metals investments may be challenging. Furthermore, physical storage for physical assets could add cost so ensure you inquire before investing!


If you own precious metals in an IRA, the IRS requires them to be stored at an approved depository. This differs from home safes or vaults which may store metals but do not qualify as depository facilities. Depositos must adhere to IRS regulations regarding size, management capabilities and recordkeeping.

Depository services not only meet IRA guidelines, but can provide professional storage and insurance for your gold. This makes depository investments safer than keeping it at home where it could be taxed accordingly if broken rules lead to distributions being made from an IRA account.

As such, it’s generally wiser to purchase precious metals outside your retirement account where there are no IRA-specific restrictions, in order to take advantage of a wider variety of coins and bars without incurring IRS penalties. When doing this, make sure that any depository you plan on using is carefully researched prior to choosing them as your holding site.


Gold IRA investments may be more costly than traditional IRAs due to fees charged for purchasing and storing metals, which may diminish their value over time. As with any investment decision it’s essential that research be completed prior to investing.

An effective way to avoid these fees is selecting a company with clear pricing and low markups on precious metals, with buyback programs and customer education that is impartial and unbiased.

Storage fees will also vary based on the company you deal with; some charge a flat fee while others offer scaled pricing that increases as your account grows larger. If you plan on selling or trading gold often over the long-term, avoiding these charges may make investments less appealing.

As with establishing any retirement account, fees associated with opening one are also payable. While these costs will differ depending on your institution and type of account being opened, expect it to be significantly more than for a typical IRA.

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