Can the Government Take My Gold?

Gold is an increasingly popular way for people to protect themselves from economic and monetary crisis, though confiscating your gold may seem extreme. Unfortunately, however, such actions have happened before.

One example occurred during the Great Depression when Franklin Roosevelt seized gold coins and bullion under Executive Order 6102 before later revoking it and compensating citizens.


Many investors fear the government might seize their gold during an unforeseen financial crisis, though this fear is valid. While this scenario might unfold similarly to Roosevelt’s nationalization of gold in 1933, today fewer major nations adhere to a gold standard and governments find it much harder to “call in” physical precious metals than in previous times.

Though it’s important to keep in mind that government can seize your property through eminent domain, and has already done so in both the United States and Australia over the last century. While this likely won’t apply to gold bullion stored privately at home or with an independent provider if times become difficult; other assets like securities, real estate or even bank accounts could potentially be subject to seizure in times of difficulty.


Gold differs from paper money in that it cannot be printed and therefore provides an effective form of savings and hedge against inflation. Unfortunately, governments such as that of Franklin Roosevelt in the US have confiscated citizens’ gold during periods of extreme economic instability.

Though such an event is unlikely in today’s society, it is nonetheless crucial that you are aware of where and how your precious metals are stored should an emergency arise.

At all costs, only tell one trusted individual where and how to access your bullion stash, otherwise theft and loss become more likely.

At the same time, it is wise to select an ideal storage environment and take out appropriate insurance policies for gold, jewelry, and other precious metal investments. Homeowner’s policies do not always cover these investments adequately – to protect yourself against theft and damage more effectively you could opt for a private storage facility that provides full or as needed armed security to protect them against theft.


Gold can provide your portfolio with an effective defense against market fluctuations and currency devaluation, in the form of physical precious metals and insurance that covers them both. When selecting an indemnity provider for this service it is vital to choose one with experience offering this product or service.

If you fear the government could seize your gold holdings, make sure you diversify them by purchasing various gold bullion products such as coins and exchange-traded funds. Furthermore, stay abreast of political developments which might impact them to protect yourself further.

There have been instances of gold confiscation throughout history, most notably during Franklin D Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102 during the Great Depression. But this form of confiscation is unlikely in the short term; more likely to take place during times of severe economic instability.

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