Can You Buy Bitcoin With a Rollover IRA?

Can you buy Bitcoin with a rollover IRA

A Bitcoin IRA allows investors to invest in digital money known as cryptocurrencies, however this strategy comes with inherent risks such as volatility that should be carefully considered if risk tolerance levels are low.

Cryptocurrencies become harder to access as their supply increases – known as adaptive scaling – providing ample growth potential.


Selecting a custodian for your Bitcoin IRA is a crucial decision that will determine its success. A custodian’s responsibility includes safeguarding assets while adhering to IRS regulations; ideal custodians will boast excellent industry credentials while offering competitive fees.

As part of your crypto IRA search, make sure that the custodian you select allows for direct purchases of cryptocurrency. Some SDIRA providers only provide access to an exchange, while others may charge significant trading fees – it’s essential to take these fees into consideration when choosing the ideal custodian for you.

Consideration should also be given when choosing a custodian: they must possess the qualifications to hold whatever asset you intend on investing in, such as real estate versus precious metals or Bitcoin investments. In addition, your custodian should understand and comply with cryptocurrency regulation; responding quickly and efficiently when answering any inquiries from you.


Addition of Bitcoin to a rollover IRA requires finding an approved custodian/custody provider who has experience dealing with cryptocurrencies as well as wallet solutions, with reliable service providers that have experience working with IRAs.

Self-directed IRAs differ from traditional IRAs in that they allow you to invest in non-traditional assets like precious metals and cryptocurrency, which require more research and due diligence compared to their traditional counterparts but may offer greater returns while protecting you against currency debasement.

While Bitcoin IRAs can provide asset diversification, they also present high levels of risk. Value can quickly evaporate during periods of high market volatility; so before making any decisions involving these vehicles, investors must carefully consider their risk tolerance before taking action.

Bitcoin IRA charges both an upfront setup fee and ongoing custodian fees, which differ from those charged by exchanges. Although exact fee amounts aren’t disclosed upfront, prospective clients are encouraged to contact one of their representatives for more information.


When purchasing bitcoin through a rollover IRA, there are certain aspects you must keep in mind. First and foremost is making sure your 401(k) plan administrator has begun the rollover process by sending you a transfer check that moves funds directly into an individual retirement account – you can contact former employers for more details regarding this matter.

Another essential aspect to keep in mind when buying crypto is trading fees. There are various forms of fees, from commissions per trade to exchange fees that could quickly add up over time.

Coin IRA provides more than just trading services; they also provide insured cold storage of digital assets and $700 million insurance protection, making them an ideal option for IRA holders looking to diversify their portfolio with alternative assets like cryptocurrency or other cryptocurrencies.


Assets eligible for rollover into an IRA include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals ETFs and some types of real estate. Unfortunately not all retirement accounts qualify; for instance most 401(k), 403(b), SIMPLE IRA and SEP IRA accounts require you to be at least 59 1/2 in order to gain tax-free access to their money.

Bitcoin is an extremely volatile asset that can lose value quickly, leading traders to take short positions to take advantage of price fluctuations. If your risk tolerance is low, a small Bitcoin position may not be appropriate in your portfolio.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, an SDIRA provider is ideal. They offer full-service account setup and custodial services for IRAs; in addition to 24/7 trading. River’s SDIRA services are provided by Rocket Dollar – an IRS-approved custodian offering IRA as a Service solutions; their world-class security protects digital assets safely in their vault; they use BitGo for this service as well.

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