Can You Buy Bitcoin With a Roth IRA?

Can you buy Bitcoin with a Roth IRA

Long-term investors with an IRA who wish to add cryptocurrency investments may do so, however this strategy adds complexity and risk to their overall retirement plan and prohibits them from utilizing tax loss harvesting strategies available through traditional investments.

At present, only certain IRA providers offer crypto-focused accounts; these can only accept new contributions and rollovers of existing retirement funds.

Self-directed IRAs

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to diversify their portfolio beyond conventional stock investments by incorporating alternative investments such as cryptocurrency, real estate and precious metals. This strategy could potentially yield higher returns than conventional investments.

Self-directed IRAs allow you to reap all the same tax deferral advantages of Roth IRAs, such as tax deferral. Your taxes won’t come due until retirement when taking distributions from your account. There are various providers who facilitate self-directed investments such as iTrustCapital, Bitcoin IRA, Alto and Rocket Dollar; be sure to compare fees and available cryptocurrency before selecting one provider.

Though Bitcoin IRAs provide many advantages, it’s important to remember that cryptocurrency investments can be extremely volatile and less liquid than stocks, mutual funds and ETFs – meaning it may be harder for you to sell them if necessary when withdrawing money from an IRA account.

Tax-free withdrawals

Investment of Bitcoin through a Roth IRA may be an ideal way to add diversity and reduce risk in your retirement portfolio, yet it should be remembered that cryptocurrency poses unique risks that might not suit everyone and adds complexity to retirement planning.

Roth IRAs offer an advantage over traditional IRAs by permitting you to withdraw funds tax-free during retirement if you’re over 59 1/2 and have owned them for at least five years; otherwise, ordinary income taxes must be withheld from distributions under this age threshold.

TradeStation and Robinhood provide crypto trading alongside their standard stocks and funds, yet often charge high transaction fees (for instance Swan Bitcoin charges 0.99% for buy and sell transactions). A second solution would be opening an individual cryptocurrency IRA account with a custodian that accepts these investments – this will reduce transaction costs while many custodians don’t charge custody fees either.


IRAs offer investors an attractive tax benefit. Any gains generated from investments held within an IRA don’t trigger income taxes when withdrawn during retirement, enabling investors to save more money while protecting themselves from future tax liabilities.

There are various IRA providers who facilitate crypto Roth IRAs, such as iTrustCapital, Alto, Bitcoin IRA and Rocket Dollar. Each typically charges an account setup, asset purchase and fund transfer fee – these fees may be higher than standard brokerage firms and could present a significant barrier to entry for some investors.

Additionally, many cryptocurrency IRAs include restrictions on which crypto exchanges you may use. Swan IRA charges a flat monthly management fee of $20 until an account balance reaches $100,000 and then charges 0.20% on all buy and sell transactions as well as an additional $0.25 transaction fee when using non-affiliated crypto exchanges, potentially making these investments unprofitable for retirement investors.


Roth IRAs may be an attractive investment option for some investors, but it is crucial that they carefully consider all fees involved, which could have significant effects on returns. Furthermore, selecting a custodian with experience and understanding of this industry is of utmost importance.

A crypto IRA allows you to invest in cryptocurrency while being treated like any other asset within your retirement account by the IRS. Income taxes only become payable upon withdrawing funds in retirement – an advantage over regular IRAs that tax each trade made.

To buy Bitcoin using a Roth IRA, first create a self-directed IRA (SDIRA). After opening, purchase the cryptocurrency of your choice on an exchange and store it in your IRA’s cold wallet – though this method may not suit those looking to retain control of their crypto, as a tax court decision in McNulty states that any assets held within an IRA cannot be directly owned by themselves.

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