Can You Buy Bitcoin With a Roth IRA?

Cryptocurrencies offer long-term growth potential and portfolio diversification benefits. Furthermore, Betterment allows investors to use IRA financial crypto solutions such as crypto as an investment vehicle for retirement savings investments in cryptocurrency assets.

Bitcoin can help Roth IRA investors avoid fees associated with brokerages and exchanges, yet comes with additional risk and reporting requirements.


Cryptocurrency investments within traditional or Roth IRAs can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement account. While cryptocurrency is considered property by the IRS and thus subject to capital gains taxation rules like other assets, its taxation will be deferred until withdrawal allowing profits to be reinvested tax-free.

Investment of Bitcoin with a Roth IRA is possible, though not suitable for everyone. Bitcoin is a high-risk asset with large price fluctuations and limited regulation oversight; therefore it’s essential that you know both your risk tolerance and financial situation when diversifying with cryptocurrency investments.

A Bitcoin IRA allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly, without the assistance of brokers. Service fees cover one-time support services for rollovers from traditional IRAs (traditional, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, 403bs and 401(k)s), security storage costs as well as setup costs; additionally there is a 0.5% transaction fee per purchase/sale transaction.


When purchasing Bitcoin through a Roth IRA, it’s essential that you be familiar with its regulations. A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account that allows investors to invest their post-tax dollars tax-free until retirement; you can invest in various assets – crypto included – though some restrictions exist such as limits on contribution amounts and asset types permitted.

Crypto IRAs are similar to regular retirement accounts, except they allow investors to directly purchase and trade cryptocurrency. Because they’re unregulated like traditional IRAs and more volatile, as well as being subject to additional fees (transaction and maintenance charges), their use offers many tax benefits while diversifying your retirement portfolio with increased diversification potential and potential for huge gains.


Bitcoin accounts come with their own distinct fee obligations that differ from those associated with traditional brokerages and exchanges. Initial setup and recurring management costs may cost thousands, in addition to trading and storage fees when purchasing and selling cryptocurrency from your retirement account.

Investing in cryptocurrency through an IRA can be risky, so it is crucial that you fully understand all associated risks prior to making your decision. Cryptocurrency prices tend to fluctuate rapidly and investments in this field tend to carry higher levels of risk than stocks and mutual funds.

To buy Bitcoin through a Roth IRA, it’s necessary to first find an self-directed IRA custodian who accepts cryptocurrency assets. While most custodians will not permit direct ownership or trading of crypto assets directly, some work with major cryptocurrency exchanges in managing purchases and sales as well as secure storage solutions to protect your cryptocurrency from theft.


Though volatile, Bitcoin offers investors the possibility of substantial returns. Cryptocurrency investments do not correlate to stocks and bonds; thus providing diversification for your retirement portfolio.

Acquiring Bitcoin as part of your IRA can be challenging and requires extensive knowledge of IRS rules. Thankfully, there are a number of companies offering cryptocurrency-related investment services like Riot Blockchain and Coinbase who offer secure storage options to protect your investments.

The IRA Bitcoin Trader is an intuitive platform designed to make buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin easy for its users. The platform offers various trading options and supports multiple currencies (including Bitcoin Cash). There is a fee of 0.99% charged per buy/sell transaction as well as monthly management fees.

Swan Private provides a Bitcoin-only IRA. Onboarding can take place within a day and fees are kept minimal; $50 for initial account set-up and $95 annual maintenance are both applicable fees.

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